And the Navratri heat is soon going to sit on your head! Why? Because guyzzzz, Navratri is on its door! Millions of people impatiently wait for the United Ways to unlock up their enrolment process so that they can get passes for the Navratri and the excellent story is the registrations have commenced! Yes, you read it right!

Navratri is the most celebrated festival of Gujarat state which is of complete 9 days, in which personalities praises the goddess by spinning around her and doing Navratri which we call “GARBA”. And this celebration is so prominent in Gujarati’s belief that even those Gujarati people who are lodged in abroad celebrate this festival at a big level.

This year, Navratri is starting on September 29th and will end on 7th October that means you have enough time to get your passes of United Ways! Though these are several grounds where you can go and do the garba with your companions, United Ways is exceptional and the most consequential Garba ground of Vadodara city.

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Getting passes for United Ways is an easy process, as you can see in the image, the fees of males and females have been already mentioned which is non-refundable so take care of it before you start with your payment procedure, check all your schedules.

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Make sure you get your entry passes before the registration closes otherwise it will become a problem for you to enter the ground and you will miss the fun! So, stop wasting more time.