A very Proud moment for India as Bhavna Tokekar has broken stereotype about weight lifting by winning 4 gold medals at open Asia Power Lifting Championships. She is 47 years old mom of 2 kids.

We know that their is no age of learning new things in life but most of us give up on the idea of learning new things till we reach our 20s and 30s. Bhavna Tokekar found her love for weight lifting when she entered in her 40s and guess what, Her kids were already in their teenage.

According to sources, Bhavna found her love for weight lifting 6 years ago and started training at the gym to battle side effect of medication because of skin inflammation and now she is the power lifting champion who has won 4 gold medal in Russia at the Open Asian Powerlifting Championships of AWPC/ WPC for India and made the country proud.

Bhavna was introduced to weight lifting by IAF bodybuilding team. Her husband is a fighter pilot with Indian Air Force and this is how her life changed after she met the IAF bodybuilding team.

Bhavna said “There are lots of myths surrounded with bodybuilding and weight lifting related to women and lots of them say it is young peoples game and it makes body bulky. I started when i was 41 and wanted to be sure that i don’t want to get injured by using wrong techniques as weight lifting is not popular in India.

Bhavna was a house wife before she became weight lifter, She was quite a internet baby as she used to spent lot of time on social media to watch videos of weight lifting. Since the day she started workout, she has not missed a single day at the gym till now.



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She loved using Instagram and one day she came across Mohammed Azmat while scrolling her feed, He is Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka head of World Powerlifting Congress (WPC).

Taking part in competitions was a far cry for me, as I didn’t know if I could participate in events at this age, or if I would be able to match up to the standards. I clearly remember the day I messaged him, it was February 10 and I casually asked him if I could participate in the powerlifting event as a part of team India. Now, powerlifting is very different from weight lifting and hence, when Azmat sir replied that I could come and give trials, I was overwhelmed, Bhavna said.

Bhavna got selected for Masters2 category (45-50 years of age) after appearing for the trials. Then she underwent learning new rules and technique corrections and appeared for a competition in Russia. She was not sure if she will be able to perform well in the competition which was on a world wide platform. Her best lifts were Deadlifts – 120kg, Squat – 85kg AND bENCH – 62.5kg


“I initially started this to increase my strength, but now I enjoy weight training. My family supported me in this endeavour and they are my pillars of strength. They helped me follow my training and also came to train with me to the gym. I wish there is more awareness about strength sports in the country”, Bhavna said.

Bhavna is a true inspiration of how you can achieve greatness at any age until and unless you have that will to do something unique in life. She has proved it right that age is just a number.

More power to you Bhavna. India is proud of you.