Becoming a mother is a special milestone that fills a woman’s life with happiness, but it also comes with its own set of challenges that only new moms can know. Motherhood can often be difficult for a new mother as she can’t prioritize her mental health and self-care during this major life change. New mothers have a lot on their plates as compared to fathers. From a constant supply of dirty diapers to middle-of-the-night feedings and endless loads of laundry (and plenty of snuggles), getting a little human accustomed to this world is not an easy job. And that’s not even taking into account caring for their well-being.

So, you must give all the care, support and love you can to the new mothers and moms-to-be in your life. While you might be thinking of grabbing a onesie or a toy for the newborn baby, some of the best gifts for a new mom are just for only her. Some services and products help make the transition to motherhood more manageable. Not only that but these new and thoughtful gifts promote rest, relaxation, and self-care.  In this guide, we’re sharing our favourite gifts for new moms that they’ll be grateful to receive.

1) Stripe & Stare Lounge Pant and Sweatshirt Set

Cosy sweats are a wardrobe staple for any new mother looking to keep comfort at the forefront. But that clearly doesn’t mean that the new mom wants to walk around the house in a pair of pants she’s had since college. Instead, gift her this sweet set from Stripe & Stare, which will keep her comfortable and cute as she adjusts to her new life which is kind of normal now.

2) Baby Footprint Kit & Handprint Kit

This memorable baby footprint and handprint kit will help the new mom remember special moments with her little one forever. And that’s the best feeling believe me. The kit comes with setting clay to frame the baby’s little hands and feet. Also, there are alphabet stamps so she can write the child’s name and birth date on it and frame it.

3) A Memory Book

The first year of a baby goes so fast like in a blink of a eye. Commemorate all of the fun with a baby memory book. The 48-page book is also designed with busy parents in mind: There are designated spots to easily attach pictures and simple prompts for jotting down a few key milestones.

4) Tushbaby Hip Carrier

Holding your newborn while carrying other essentials can be quite challenging for a new mom. A Hip carrier helps to simplify the process of so much hassle, all while alleviating strain on a new mom’s back. The hip carrier offers four carry positions to keep the little one comfortable. It also provides five storage pockets and a bottle holder that’s hidden. Generally, Pediatricians and chiropractors recommend the carrier for a new mom for its back support and reduction in arm and wrist strain. You also get a bonus point as it’s machine-washable to avoid any baby messes and stain-resistant too.

5) Levoit Classic Smart Humidifier

Dry air in a newborn room can irritate the throats and sinuses of the little one. This high-tech humidifier from Levoit will keep the newborn room at a comfortable humidity level. This smart humidifier conveniently runs for up to 60 hours without any disturbance. The humidifier’s smart app control allows you to adjust the humidity from wherever you are, especially for a new mom that allows keeping her newborn content from any distance.

6) Moby Ring Sling

This comfy ring sling carrier allows new mothers to keep their newborns close to their hearts, no manual lifting is required anymore. The convenient carrier enables front and hip carrying options. The fabric of this carrier is machine-washable and can combat any surprise spit-up or mess by the new baby.

7) Hatch Portable Dream Machine

This innovative portable dream machine device is a nightlight, sound machine and audio-only baby monitor all in one device. New moms or anyone can control it with the smartphone app or even Amazon Alexa. Moreover, it’s probably the best gift a new mom can get as it remains useful even as the baby gets older: The Hatch portable dream machine can also be used as an alarm clock for kids.

8) Ouai Detox Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner Hair Set

Taking a shower seems like a dream for some new moms but when she gets a chance, a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner feels like a boon. The Ouai Detox Shampoo cleanses built-up dirt, while the leave-in conditioner detangles, leaving the new mom’s hair with smooth and shiny locks. It’s surely going to be her best friend when hair care is understandably not at the top of her priority list. The keratin in the shampoo will strengthen her hair and reduce some hair fall that’s a common problem many women face postpartum. The set is suitable for all hair types and hair textures, making it a great gift for any first-time mom.

9) Patchology Under Eye Patches

With all the sleepless nights and stress comes dark eyes that need some care and probably sleep. Even if she can’t spare a few moments alone as it’s difficult to leave a newborn alone, a new mom can surely pamper herself with these soothing eye gels while she’s busy taking care of her baby’s needs and mess. All she needs to do is leave the under-eye patches on for five to ten minutes, and her under-eye area will be moisturized and smooth.

10) Marpac Yogasleep Hushh Compact Sound Machine

The sounds of cooing and crying are what a new mom hears all day and night and she is quite familiar with it. This Marpac Yogasleep Hushh Compact Sound Machine’s white noise will help the baby and the new mom both, catch some good night’s sleep. The device comes with three soothing noise levels to choose from—bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf. It also has a calming glow that will cultivate the ultimate bedtime ambience. The portable size of this sound machine makes it suitable for on-the-go naps and is easy to carry anywhere.

11) Silver Dollar Candle Store Co. Scented Soy Candle

She’s a cool new mom and not just a regular mom and this scented soy candle is here to prove it. Available in ten relaxing and soothing scents with the option to personalize the lid, the long-lasting scented soy candle will be a special and calming addition to her living space. The soy wax candle has a 40-hour burn time, so the new mom doesn’t have to worry about lightening it again and again throughout the day.

12) Ultraideas Memory Foam House Shoes

New mothers need a cosy pair of slippers to keep their feet comfortable and warm especially late at night while she’s feeding her little one. This memory foam pair will provide ample comfort, while the rubber sole makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear. The affordable memory foam house slippers come in nine colours to choose from.

13) Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

With all the distractions of the little one, a new mom probably forgets to finish her cup of coffee or tea before it starts getting cold. This app-controlled smart mug will keep her drink at her preferred temperature for an hour and a half or maybe longer when kept on the coaster that comes with the mug, so she can keep enjoying it when she gets a minute to sit down after the endless feeding sessions.

14) Kopi Baby Portable Diaper Changing Pad

This portable diaper-changing pad ensures that a new mother can easily and comfortably change her baby’s diaper nearly anywhere. The portable diaper changing mat has a waterproof design and can hold up to 5 diapers in the inner pockets of the bag for convenient and quick changes. The bag even has a designated pocket to keep wipes and another necessary items within arm’s reach.

15) LaVie 2-in-1 Warming Lactation Massager

These LaVie 2-in-1 Warming lactation massagers can be absolute lifesavers for new mothers who are breastfeeding. Not only do the massagers improve milk flow, but they also help prevent clogged ducts that hurt quite a lot. The lactation massager is easily portable so you don’t need to worry about clogged ducts anyone. “They are not too bulky, so I could easily wear under an oversized shirt while out and about,” Phillips says.

16) New Mama Affirmations

The mental health of a new mom is something that’s affected the most and, in those times, staying positive is crucial. This thoughtful gift will give a new mom a few moments of tranquility. The deck of 20 double-sided mama affirmation cards come in pretty watercolors and includes affirmations and messages like “I am grateful for this season in my life” and “It’s important to take care of myself.”

17) Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount

The Nanit pro smart baby monitor and wall mount offers an impressively clear image of baby for the reassurance every parent need. It comes with plenty of extras that new parents love that includes smart sheets that will monitor your baby. The app of the monitor has all kinds of useful data, like how many breaths your new born takes per minute. The monitor will also send motion and sound alerts straight to your smartphone.

“We’ve transitioned our toddler to her big-girl-bed and still use the Nanit to keep tabs on her during the night,” adds Jones.