Navrati at united way is epic and people visit United Way Of Baroda Garba Mahotsav every year from different part of the country. Are you waiting to hear “chalo Beta” and the famous garba songs “Hove Hove”,  “Aadha hai chandrama” and “Tara Naam Ni chundri” then don’t forget to visit United Way for 9 epic nights of Navratri.

The time has come and everyone is ready with there garba passes and navratri dress, people have been asking there friends pass kadhavyo ?(Did you buy passes of united way ?)

The 9 days of Garba nights are very interesting and  we have lots and lots of memories attached with the Garba ground as you meet your friends. Today we have a video which shows why you should never miss a day at united way.

To View Teaser Of United Way Of Baroda Navratri Garba Mahotsav 2015 Click Here

Video credits :-Tapan Parikh Shooting Lives

Thumbnail image by :- Chanakya Vaishnav