Navratri is Gujarat state’s famed celebration festival which is the most awaited and colourful 9 days of Navratri. Vadodara city holds some of the most popular and largest garba events in Gujarat And if you are not visiting United Ways Of Baroda then you are missing all the fun. Barodians just love Navratri and you see your friend who study or work out of station coming to Baroda just to play Garba.

The most common question asked by people of Baroda now a days is United Way no Pass Kadhayo ? (Did you buy passes of united way ?)  With 9 days of Garba nights we have lots and lots of memories attached with the Garba ground as you meet your friends whom you meet only during Navratri time and there’s your group of people with whom you don’t meet up regularly but prefer doing Garba all 9 days with.

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Shopping on the streets of city area of vadodara is magical. you see the streets full with people buying chaniya choli and kurta’s for 9 days with matching colours so all friends can wear same dress code for Garba. This is not all, During Navratri we see many new crushes evolve as you get to see people looking so beautifully dressed up for Garba.

Best thing about 9 Nights of Navratri is Your parents will never complain if you come late at home (blame it on traffic), This 9 days everyone reaches home by 1 or 2 at night, this is not normal for people on regular days so yes this hangover of playing Garba and coming home late at night stays for quite long time.

About the beauty of music of United Ways Of Baroda and the melodious voice of Atul Kaka touches every one’s heart. People can’t wait to step into Garba ground to dance on music like Aadha hai chandrama (hove hove) where lights get dim in the garba ground and you have been waiting to hear the word “chalo beta” since almost a year and can’t deny we all love to hear Tara Naam Ni Chundadi and Faagan Aavyo.

To end it with what we all prefer saying :- Jo Baka Navratri Toh United Way Nij

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Image Source :-United Way of Baroda Navratri (Garba) Facebook group