You don’t see Superheroes in movies only, they exists in real life also and have superhuman abilities. some of them can attract metallic objects to his body, can EAT entire aircraft! and some can crawl entire building.

1) Wim Hof – Iceman

Wim Hof real life Iceman

  • He has strong resistance to cold temperature.
  • Wim Wolf Reached top of Mount Kilimanjaro wearing his shorts
  • He has even climbed 6.7 km altitude of Mount Everest but was not able to reach summit because of foot injury he had.
  • He holds the guinness world record for longest ice bath
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 2) Indian spiderman Jyothi Raj

Indian spiderman Jyothi Raj

  • He is a rock climber who doesn’t require any harness or support
  • Jyothi Raj Climbed Chitra Durga fort without a harness
  • He has even climbed Karnataka’s highest fall in opposite direction
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3) Tom Cridland, the torture king

Tom Cridland, the torture king

  • Tom Cridland can bear extreme pain
  • His stunts include fire eating, sword swallowing and skewering his body parts

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4) Rajmohan Nair- The electric man

Rajmohan Nair The electric man

  • Remains unaffected against large amount of electricity passing through his body
  • Rajmohan Nair remains unaffected against electricity upto 30 times the capacity of a normal human being

Fact Source

5) The guy who ate a whole aircraft – Michel Lotito

Michel Lotito The guy who ate a whole aircraft

  • Could eat objects made of glass, metal and rubbers etc. A normal Humans can not even think of eating such things.
  • He alone ate whole aircraft Cessna 150.
  • In his lifetime he as eaten 9 tons of metal

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6) Liew Thon Lin The Magnetic man

Liew Thon Lin The Magnetic man

  • Can easily pull metallic objects to his body
  • Alone Pulled a car with magnetic force of his body
  • His skin has very high rate of friction and his body does not exhibit magnetic fields

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7) King of Teeth – Rathakrishna Velu

King of Teeth Rathakrishna Velu

  • He is known as king of teeth as he can pull any heavy objects with his teeth
  • Pulled a train to a distance of 2.8 meters weighing about 297 tonnes with 6 coaches
  • Ratakrishna velu has his name registered at Guinness book of world records

Fact Source

The rubber boy – Daniel Browning Smith

Daniel Browning Smith The rubber boy

  • He is the most flexible man in world
  • His name has 7 Guinness world records
  • He can easily fit his body into a unstrung tennis racket

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