Whenever we read Mumbai, the Locals are the first thing that will come to our mind. For decades, the Mumbai Locals are considered as the lifeline of the city. It allows and connects movement to and fro Mumbai and Suburbs. For many Mumbaikars, it’s quick as well as a cost-effective medium to travel to their workplace and going back to their home.

62% Of Mumbaikars Will Not Travel By Mumbai Locals Once Lockdown Eases - Survey

However, with the rising numbers of COVID 19 cases, the entire Mumbai is still under lockdown. It is the worst-hit region of the pandemic in our country. Due to this, Our Mumbai along with its lifeline Local has come to a standstill! With the news about ‘Unlock’ going around the country, there is a wave telling the Mumbai Locals will be re-started in the city.

It is an alarming situation for the entire country, whether to revive the economy or people’s health. With the number of COVID cases in Mumbai crossing 10000+ marks, it is even dangerous to give relaxation to peoples at this stage.

As per the survey on 56000+ Mumbaikars from the M-Indicator app, 62% of them are not likely to travel in the Locals! Coronavirus is a contaminated disease that spreads through touch & air. While it is impossible to impose social distancing rules on the trains, it is equally impossible to sanitize the train to prevent Coronavirus spread.

Subodh Jain, former head of Central Railway, said,

“Those who can work from home will certainly not like services to start as then they may have to go to their offices. The fact remains that the suburban services are the economic lifeline of Mumbai and will have to be restored for normalcy to return.”

Our Mumbai locals can become super spreaders if their journey commences. These times are tough for Mumbai and the entire world. We need to be careful in order to prevent further spread of COVID 19.