Mumbai is the city of dreams, it’s true. We all love visiting Mumbai to meet our family and friends or just to go and have fun, right?  But not everyone thinks the same. This article is about what Punekars think about Mumbaikars is a general topic of discussion that sometimes happens between friends. It’s not about serious facts that need to be taken to heart. It’s all banter! so Read on and share with your Mumbai friends to have a little fun.
1) You may have busy roads, but we have the warmth and coziness that everybody needs in our citySource

Sure we think, Mumbai is a grand city where too much crowd only means a lot of noise and pollution too. So Mumbaikars no need to feel proud that your city is always crowded with amazing people cause ours is more about comfort and easiness.

2) To reach Bandra from Dadar by railway, you should travel a day before


Yes Mumbai, you guys have so many people traveling together that it feels like mini China at the railway station. If you think you’ll reach your destination in  20 minutes, you’re wrong. And you WILL miss your appointments for sure. Hamara Railway station Dekho Kitana shant and peaceful hai.

3) People are ready to push you anytime during your rail journey


Mumbai ke logo mein koi manners he nahi hai. Jabhi dekho tab dhakka mukki karte rehte hai. You may want to hold tight to the door’s support or anyone from behind can push you down. Bhid he itni hoti hai ki log chipak chipak ke khade hote hai. Such a shame!

4) To purchase a house in Mumbai is a TASK


Hume Pune mein esi taklife nahi padti. Yahan rehne mein bhi zyada maza hai. It’s so damn difficult to get a house in Mumbai. Why not stay in Pune people?

<3>5) We are pure Marathis


We have not made a city more of a cosmopolitan place. We have stayed true to our Marathi culture. Mumbai mein original kya bacha hai?

6) We travel through our own vehicles more often than in trains


Mumbai is a large city with a large population. Hence, they have to travel by trains and buses as roads are too busy and jammed up with traffic too. Us Punekars don’t have such problems as we can still use our two-wheelers to go around the city

7) We know that your city has a fast life, but that’s really not a good thing


Us Punekars have learned to live life rather than just be on the go all the time. We have a better understanding of living life.
(NOTE:- This article is for the sole purpose of comedy. Nothing written in this article is factual. Please don’t take our funny posts to heart) #Stayhappy and Don’t Get Serious