If you have ever travelled by plane, you must have considered how fun and relaxing it would be to wait in a nice lounge instead of a busy and noisy waiting area. For many people, this great idea turned into an unapproachable privilege when they learned how much it costs. Well, we are here to say that there are ways for everyone to afford this service. Let us share with you travel hackers’ insight on how to enjoy lounge luxuries.

Lounge Luxuries on a Shoestring

Tip 1: Airline Benefits

If you have an airline that you trust and prefer, you should register in their frequent flyer programme. You simply create an account, and they can see that you use their services. The more you fly, the more miles you collect, and the more chances you have to be rewarded for your loyalty to the airline. One of the rewards that you are likely to receive is access to airport lounge luxuries, without any charges. Established airlines usually have their own lounges in major airports all around the world, making it possible for travellers to enjoy their reward wherever they wish to travel.

Tip 2: Credit Cards

Did you know that by using a credit card you can access an airport lounge? Well, the thing is that many credit card programmes include travel perks in their agreements. Although each provider offers unique or special benefits, free access to lounge luxuries is a common privilege for credit card users. It is important to note that you should be very careful when choosing the right credit card and not apply for one if you aren’t fully aware of both its perks and drawbacks.

Tip 3: Day Passes

A cheaper and more risk-free way to indulge in airport lounge luxuries is by buying a day pass. They are valid for a limited amount of time, which means that you need to make the right calculations so that you can actually use them before or between flights, and grant access to specific lounges. You can see the perks of available lounge passes and compare them on bookfhr.com. Although they are affordable, you should study them before you book one. Make sure that the one that you choose has got all the services that you may desire, such as food, alcohol, or air-conditioning.

Tip 4: Special Deals

Both airports and airlines come up with unique special offers and deals. It is not uncommon for those air travel giants to offer promotional codes, discounts, or organise competitions every now and then. Entrance to airport lounges for several hours or an extended period of time can be the prize. You can be informed about such promotional actions by following the air travel companies’ social media accounts or visiting their website from time to time. Additionally, by subscribing to their newsletter, you get an email notification about any exciting news like that.