There are many cities in world where you go out with friends and family to chill and sometimes just to explore and then you come back to your own city with a lot of  memories, some are bad and some are good and then you are regular routine starts in your own city but many times there are cities which leave a great impression and impact on your life and might even influence you many times and Mumbai is one of the most influential cities that drives more people towards it every.

7 Reasons why living in Mumbai is Awesome


Let’s dive into the list and find out why Mumbai is the best city to live in and why Mumbaikars never leave this beautiful city that does not sleep.

1) Local Train – Lifeline of all Mumbaikars

mumbai local train

Local trains in Mumbai are a lifeline to mostly everyone living in the city of the dream as it is the easiest mode of transport to reach from one place to another. If you are traveling by auto then you need to go without much argument and ( Autowala will first turn on the meter even before you enter a rickshaw). Yes, it is very scary if you are traveling by locals for the very first time but then as and when time passes you will get used to the crowd you push you in and even out of train many times. Around 7.2 million people travel through local trains daily in Mumbai.

2) Vadapav is our McdonaldsBurger

Vada Pav in mumbai

People in Mumbai love street food, you will find delicious Pani puri to chat on every corner of the street and yes, the mouth-watering spicy Vada Pav can any day beat a burger at Mc Donalds or KFC. If you are not yet done with all the food items then you need to try out pav bhaji and bhel puris at the local chaat shop. All the dhaabas and stalls are open till late at night so you don’t need to worry if you feel hungry even at 12 am.

3) Mumbai has an amazing nightlife

mumbai night life

We need not mention that Mumbai never sleeps and even if it is 12 am at night you will find yourself stuck in traffic. The best thing about Mumbai is you’ll never have trouble finding an auto or taxi at night and the last local train will make sure that you reach home safely on time. From high-class lounges to intimate bars and cultural performances. You will get a lot of options to chill and party, you will never feel left out and bored. Mumbai’s nightlife is worth experiencing.

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4) Mumbaikar love celebrating all festival

ganesh chaturthi in mumbai

Have you been to Mumbai during Ganesh Utsav? You will feel a different level of excitement of the local people in Mumbai. This 10 days festival is celebrated with Ganesh puja, Aarti, Dancing and at the end Ganesh Visarjan in which thousands of people participate. The most famous Ganesh Mandal is the Lalbagh raja. Every other festival like Navratri, Janmashtami Diwali and much more is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

5) That awesome feeling at  Nariman Point At Night !

Marine Drive And Nariman Point At Night

A walk at the Marine Drive is something you will never forget and would like to come here again and again. The cool breeze brushing your hair will make you fall in love with this place. You will find people at the place even at midnight, chilling with friends and having a cup of chai.

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6) No city can beat Mumbai Street Shopping

fashion street mumbai

What if we say you can get a beautiful dress for your birthday party at only R.s 300 ? yes will hundreds of different stall on the streets you get multiple options to pick your favorite dress, footwear, bags, and whatnot. Fashion Street, Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, Hill Road are some of the places in Mumbai where you get a chance to be at your stylish best without spending much.

7) Mumbai Rains! Do I need to say more?

mumbai rains at marine drive ektara

The Marine drive looks magical and the weather becomes very cool and thus you get a small excuse to go out for a trip to nearby hills station on the weekend at Lonavala or Khandala.

We hope you love Mumbai as much as we do, share this article if you can relate to the list of points mentioned in the post.