We all love pets! Many people love their pets more than their relatives as well as family members. The entire world right now under the impact of the pandemic. Many people are stranded away from their pets because of lockdown restrictions. Realizing the agony of people, a private jet will fly these pets from Delhi to Mumbai.

Who is the Master-Mind behind this approach?

Private Jet To Fly Pets From Delhi To Mumbai Hired For Rs 9.06 LakhPrivate Jet To Fly Pets From Delhi To Mumbai Hired For Rs 9.06 Lakh

Deepika Singh, a well-known entrepreneur, and cybersecurity researcher is the master-mind working on the idea of reuniting people with their pets. This idea pinged on her mind when she was arranging a private jet for relatives to fly from Delhi to Mumbai.

However, a few of them declined to travel along with their pets. While some of them were willing to take their pet with them. Hence, Deepika decided to arrange a jet for pets such as dogs, cats and birds. It is noteworthy that if not jet, then these pets are transported via cargo shipments.

Deepika got in touch with private jet aggregator Accretion Aviation for transporting six pets! The cost of the entire ride will be Rs. 9.06 lakh, costing Rs 1.6 lakh for a single seat. Till now, four people have booked the seat for their beloved pets in this private jet.

These four pets traveling in the flight include two Shih Tzus, a Golden Retriever and a Lady Pheasant bird. Deepika and the team are still searching for two more pets. If they didn’t find any, the cost of traveling for each pet will further increase.

Rahul Muchhal, CEO of Accretion Aviation says that proper precautions of COVID19 norms will be followed for pets as well as their carries. During the flights, all these pets will be kept in a cage. Besides that, their proper screening will be done and their temperature will be checked before the flight.

We wish these pets, a very Happy Journey!