Shahrukh Khan is the ultimate king of bollywood and ever one knows that. There is nothing in the world that he can’t buy at the moment. Shahrukh Khan doesn’t mind spending extravagantly and his new vanity van is one of them. we bet that Your House Will Never Be As Cool As SRK’s Brand New Vanity Van.

It took around 30,000 man hours to build Shahrukh Khan’s new vanity van which is created by DC Designs. The actor took personal interest in the project as he is a technocrat.

srk vanity van designed by dilip chhabaria


Dilip Chhabaria the well known Automobile designer has designed vanity van’s for many bollywood stars in the past said It was a challenge for us to marry functionality with the aesthetics of the whole bus and give him an exclusive product with super functionality.


srk vanity van

The best features of SRK’s luxurious vanity van arefully-equipped restroom, master bedroom, integrated make-up section, lounge section and drivers cabin.

The vanity can consists of huge 65″ state-of-the-art 4K screen with a home theatre system, ain’t it awesome.

SRK’s vanity van also has some more impressive features like contoured wooden roof,  LED lit glass floor, UPS systems in van to ensure uninterrupted power supply and Four Gensets.

interior of shahrukh khan vanity van