Google is the best search engine in world and everyone knows that, ever since Google has evolved it has changed it’s logo many times. The 17 year old company again recently changed it’s logo’s color combinations but stayed faithful to it’s original concept.

In the beginning (1997)

google logo In the beginning

Google was initially nicknamed BlackRub and it was initially started as a research project in Stanford University by students Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1996.

Google is born (SEPT 1998- OCT-1998)

original google logo

In september 1998 Google was originally found and this was Google’s first ever logo, the only one with a green G. This logo was used couple of month before it was changed.

Familiar colors (SEPT 1998- OCT 1998)

Google all the color logo

Google added multiple colors in it’s logo and it added an exclamation mark like yahoo did in it’s logo.

Long-standing logo ( May1 1999 – May 2010)

google long standing logo

Since mid 1999 till 2010 this is how Google looked to people in around the world. The letters were not flat like the previous ones and color accent was also different, This is a very pretty logo that is why it lasted so long.

Google goes flat (May 2012 – Aug 2015)

google logo without shadow mark

You might have seen this Google logo since past couple of years, Google created a flat look and removed the shadow marks from the logo. Interestingly Apple adopted the same flat look for iOS that year.

Google Logo Today (1st Sept 2015 – Present)

How Google's Logo Has Evolved Over The Years

You will see this Google logo from now on though the company announced that this wont be the last time it changed it’s logo. Simple, Friendly and Colorful, Google’s blog say’s Google’s new logo has taken the best of Google””