Earlier this year the Government of Sweden announced that it would introduct a A 6-Hour Working Day and removed 2 hours from the daily schedule. Stockholm-based app developer company Filimundus is the latest company to introduce the six-hour work culture.

After Filimundus experimented this 6 hour working day it did not have any downside or negative effect on profit of company, Apparently it was making same amount of productivity each day as it was baking before.

Advantages to this 6 hour working day are 

1) Companies can quickly hire and retain employees for longer run

six hours work day

People will easily join a company which has 6 working hours a day, more number of potential employees means more profit. It will be very difficult for a employee to switch over to a company for more working hours.

2) Employees are more happy

six hours working day people are happy

Less working hours would definitely make any employee happy. you won’t be happy if your company also has 6 hours working day ? obviously you would.

3) Employees can spend more time with friends and family .

spend more time with family six hours working day

You can easily spend more time with your kids and take take for movie or a long drive or play video games with them after work . Family time is always best time.

4) More productivity work.

More productivity work with 6 hours a day

It is scientific proven that working 8 hours a day is not as effective as we think. It is a huge challenge to stay focused and cope up with work for 8 long hours.

5) Don’t feel fatigued or drained

6 hours working day in sweden

Due to heave work load and more working hours, people get drained and fatigued. this six hour working day solves the problem for you

6) Energy levels is increased.

6 hours working day Energy levels are increased

With less working hours people usually tend to have high energy level and can work efficiently

7) less conflicts and arguments and can Helps to work better with the team

6 hours working day less conflicts and arguments and can Helps to work better with the team

Employees stay satisfied if they have less working hours and thus they will not be frustrated and can work as a team.