For many people, nighttime is the best to explore the city. During the day, there is a lot of rush and crowd in any city! While at night, you will find peace to enjoy the city’s climate and various places. This present article is on Nightlife in Vadodara, where we will take you through Things to do in Vadodara for a Memorable Night Experience.

According to many people, there isn’t any nightlife in Vadodara because of the absence of clubs and similar places. However, there are a lot of things you can do that can cherish your brain from trying various types of cuisines to places for group gatherings. You will love every bit of them, when in Vadodara.

This is How You Can Enjoy Nightlife in Vadodara

night life in vadodara

Here are the activities you can try out for a memorable night experience with your friends, family or loved ones!

1) Explore different Food items at Ratri Bazaar

ratri bazaar vadodara

If Vadodara is a body, then Ratri Bazaar is its heart! Whenever you walk into Ratri Bazaar, you will find people from all age groups enjoying the delicious food items with either their friends or family. Don’t Miss the Matka Biryani whenever you visit! There are also other food items including North Indian, South Indian, Italian, and a lot more. With all this pomp and fun it is worth exploring at Ratri Bazaar in Night.

2) Long Drive to a Nearby Highway Food Joint

sangam dhaba vadodara

Vadodara not only has nightlife inside the city but also outside the city! Whether it is a long drive to Kismat Kathiyawadi for a delicious Gujarati Cuisine Experience. Or driving till Por for a peaceful dinner at Hotel Darshan. Vadodara has all of it. Apart from that, there are also many good Hotels on the Highway that will facilitate a soothing dining experience for you at all times!

3) Sit ideally at Regal on the back end of Vadodara Railway Station

regal hotel vadodara railway station

A railway station is a crowded place during the day. However, as soon as the night arrives it becomes more lively with peace and serenity. The back end of Vadodara Railway Station, is a wonderful place for a group gathering. Because of the inflow of travelers, you can find different types of snacks and food items readily available at any time at night! It is a wonderful place for group gatherings during Nightlife in Vadodara.

4) Enjoy Lip-Smacking Sev Usal

mahakali sev usal

Sev Usal is the most loved food item for any Baroda. We love Sev Usal as much as we love Garba! Therefore, any Barodian is ready for having Sev Usal at any point in the day. (Like we start playing the Garba at any point of the Year!). In Vadodara, you can enjoy Sev Usal late at the night at a lot of places. To name a few, we have Lalabhai Sev Usal at Vadi, Mahakali Sev Usal in Nava Pura, Jay Ambe Pan Parlour in Manjalpur, etc.

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5) Kill time by watching Movies!

pvr transcube vadodara

Although Vadodara is a very safe city, many people don’t prefer wandering around the city at night. Nightlife in Vadodara also has many places for such people. There are many multiplexes and movie theatres in Vadodara that run late-night movies. You can book tickets and have fun while watching the movies at any of these places! But we do bet, the way back to your home will provide a more serene experience.

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6) Have a Cup of Tea Near Vadodara Railway Station

chai at vadodara railway station

Just like the back end, the front end of Vadodara Railway Station is also pretty much exciting. Because of travelers, the railway station area is always loaded with food lovers and travelers. At any point of the day, you can find here a hot cup of tea along with Bhajiya, Sev Usal, Maska Bun, Omelette, etc. If you are lucky, then you might even find a vendor with Sev Usal!

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7) Akota-Dandia Bazaar Bridge for Group Gatherings

akota dandia bazar bridge vadodara

The Akota-Dandia Bazaar Bridge is a boon for the youngsters of Vadodara. It has become a hotspot for group gatherings, celebration of late-night birthdays, and also for sitting ideally and watching vehicles as they pass by. You can also find one or another group of photographers always at the bridge, trying their skills on their cameras and clicking beautiful pictures of nature and of their friends! The nightlife in Vadodara is incomplete without the mention of the Akota-Dandia Bazaar Bridge on the list!

Apart from all the things mentioned in the list, there is a lot that you can do while exploring Nightlife in Vadodara. Are we missing anything? Feel free to comment and we will include it in the list.

From this list, what is your favorite activity in Nightlife in Vadodara? Do comment as well!