2.2 million people and one place that all of them call home, “VADODARA”! From a retired people’s paradise to college-going students’ hub, this city is one of the most diverse places in INDIA. Also known as the cultural capital of Gujarat, here are 10 Reasons Why Living In Vadodara Is Awesome.

1) It’s the cultural capital of Gujarat

vadodara cultural capital of gujarat

Vadodara is a city with a combination of Culture, Art, and aesthetics. Trust us Vadodara is heaven to live in.

2) The food

vadodara street food

From street food to high profile restaurants, Vadodara has got it all. If you are in this beautiful city then you should visit Mahakali Sev Usal, Raju Omlet and many more.

3)Quality Education

ms university in vadodara

If you are in Vadodara then you don’t need to go out for studies as Baroda has the best schools and colleges which offer a wide range of courses. Don’t forget one of the most popular colleges with a lush green campus MSU is in Vadodara.

4) We Love Navratri and the United Way Of Baroda

navratri in vadodara

Vadodara city holds some of the most popular and largest Garba events in Gujarat And if you are not visiting United Ways Of Baroda then you are missing all the fun. Barbadians just love Navratri and you see your friend who studies or works out of the station coming to Baroda just to play Garba.

5) The Personalities

irfan pathan and yusuf pathan

Famous cricketers like Kiran More, Nayan Mongia, Irfan, and Yusuf Pathan, and now Hardik & Krunal Pandya, are all Barodians and we forget Dance sensation Dharmesh Yelande who also hails from Vadodara. Bhumi Trivedi the famous Bollywood singer who has given hit tracks for movies like Ram Leela is also from Vadodara.

6) Transportation

Town Planning

If you want to travel somewhere in Vadodara it’s all nearby and you can reach from one place to another in just 10-15 minutes. The new bus station developed in Vadodara is just beautiful and is situated next to the railway station which is in the center of the city.

7) The Royalty ( Lakshmi Vilas Palace )

lakshmi vilas palace in vadodara

Do we need to say anything about Laxmi Vilas palace? We bet you already know everything!

8) Vadodara Is Safe

vadodara safest city in india

Vadodara is the cherry on the cake when it comes to the safety of girls as Vadodara is ranked 2nd safest city to live in after Chandigarh.

9) We love visiting Sindhrot

sindhrot long drive in vadodara

Well if you are in Vadodara then you definitely need to visit Sindhrot with friends it is one of the most beautiful places with the Mahi river flowing under the famous Sindhrot bridge where you will usually find school and college students hanging out. It is 14 km away from Vadodara City so taking a long drive to Sindhrot is worth it.

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