Travelers and explorers are always looking for ways through which they can go to different places and explore new things in their life. But there are hundreds of such travelers exist who are not able to fulfill their dreams due to some financial reasons.

Govt To Sponsor Your Trip If You Travel to 15 Holiday Destinations in A Year

But but but……! We have some good news for all of you travel lovers! Our Indian government has taken an initiative in which the government will be sponsoring your trip if you follow under their rules and criteria. As per reports declared by The Hindu, if you are capable of traveling in any 15 destinations in a single year, then the government will take the responsibility of the entire expense. This initiative has been named as “Paryatan Parv”.

Govt To Sponsor Your Travel Expenses If You Visit 15 Indian Tourist Spots A Year

Those who want to take advantage of this initiative need to upload the photographs of all the 15 different cities they visited in a single year in India. This information was shared with sources by Prahald Singh who is the Union Tourism Minister of India. He also added that “to avail the incentives, it is necessary for tourists to visit at least 15 or more destinations in India, otherwise they will not be eligible for this plan.” And those who fall into
this category will be declared as the brand ambassadors of Indian Tourism.