Ever now and then we get annoyed with the way people Honk on the roads. Even though people are standing on the red signals, they don’t stop honking and create noise pollution. In order to curb such menace, the Mumbai Police has implemented new technology.

Decibel Meters or the Punishing Signals are the new big thing in entire Mumbai. Announcing it on Twitter, Mumbai Police explained the entire scenario through a video.

In the video, we can listen to Mumbai Police stating Mumbai as Honking Capital of the World. 

What is the Mumbai Police’s Agenda with this Punishing Signals?

Why Mumbai Police's Brilliant Initiative 'Honk More, Wait More' is getting attention?

The Agenda for this punishing signals is quite simple. If people standing on the road, waiting for the signal to turn green are continuously honking. It is obvious that there will be a lot of noise. If at any instance, the total noise produced at the signal goes above 85 Decibels, it will be a punishment for all those people.

Because, every time the noise goes above 85 decibels, the time to wait at the signal will increase. Therefore, people who will honk more will have to wait more.

Promoting this entire initiative, Mumbai Police is trying to send a message across the country. Unnecessary honking on the road, not only creates a disturbance for the people but also affects people’s mental health in the long run.

Apart from that, people living nearby the road also have to face a lot of trouble because of the high noise produced through honking. We hope that the issue of honking gets resolved quickly with assistance from Decibel Meters!

What is the status of Honking in your city? Do you want even your city to follow this rule? Do let us know your view in the comments.