Baahubali the beginning has broken all the box office records and has received so much fame and attention that no one would have expected it to turn out to be a superhit. S S Rajamouli the director of Baahubali has not left a single stone untouched to make this movie a perfection .

One thing this movie has been into limelight is for the “visual shots” or the extraordinary VFX shots and did you know that 90% of there VFX shots are Computer Generated Imagery. There were total 2500 VFX shots.

Hyderabad based visual effects studio Makuta VFX is responsible for the 50% of the CGI work. It took nearly 2 years to Makuta to create the majestic waterfall from the movie Bahubali.

Firefly studios and Srushti VFX has created some of the war sequences which gave us feeling of watching a hollywood movie. Today we have a list of 10 Epic Scenes from BAAHUBALI that were shot using VFX.


bahubali water fall scene edited


bahubali vfx effects scene mountain editing


bahubali vfx effects edditing


bahubali mountain climbing vfx effect


bahubali waterfall vfx effects


bahubali waterfall jump effect


bahubali song shooting on mountain effects


bahubali mountain jump


bahubali vfx effects photo editing


bahubali mountain climb scene vfx effects editing

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