Since past couple of years there is a huge change in Gujarati cinema, people have started watching more of Gujarati movies and there is this new movie Chhello Divas which has become a super hit and is still running successfully in theatres. People are loving the movie so much that they have watched it 2-3 times in theatre. So today we have list of things that Chhello Divas relates to everyone’s life.

1) We all have a friend who never comes on time

There is this one friend in group whom we have to call 10 times and ask, bhai tu ghare thi nikadio ? ketli vaar hu pochi gaio, and he’ll reply, bas 5 min ma aio, pochi gaio parking karu chu bey.

chhello divas movie star cast vicky

2) Every group has one angry young man who is always ready to fight

It’s better we don’t poke this type of friend in group, if he gets going then pati gaiu.

chhello divas dhulo

3) We always laugh at our friend when he is in silly trouble, but will always help him out.

when a friend is in trouble we make fun of him at first but then we only cheer him up and save his ass.

chhello divas movie photos

4) You will always miss your college days

college days are best days of life and you cannot get those days back once gone

college days are best days of life chello divas

5) You don’t study for exams yet pass by copying

We as usual don’t study in exam yet our friends help us copy and yeah, kapli toh chej baki chori karva mate.  
Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 2.12.53 am

6) We don’t care about any faculty but when principle is on round we act like a sincere student.

that moment when we are trying to bunk a class or doing masti, principle comes and we act like a very sincere student who attend all lectures.

chhello divas principle

7) That hot girl in your class with whom all your friends flirt.

The very first time a hot girl enters the class and every boy in class is staring at her and your mouth stays open. Your friend tell you, bhabhi che aa tari Modhu toh bandh rakh la

hot girl in your class with whom all your friends flirt chhello divas

8) Their is always one boy and girl in your class who are best friends but never tell that they love each other.

Prem toh badha ne college ma 1 vaar thaio j hase. don’t wait and propose, baki akhi life apsos rahi jase

chhello divas photos

9) Your dad has caught you at least one time with your girlfriend at home.

That moment when your dad enters your room without knocking the door when you are inside with your girlfriend.

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.25.11 am

10) Everyone of us has had a secret crush on our college teacher

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.31.20 am

11) Every group has that one friend who tries to hit on you girlfriend

Believe it or not one of your friend is always jealous of your relationship and tries to spoil it !! Saala tari bhabhi per lineo mare che

friend who flirts with your girlfriend

12) You miss those late night parties and crazy moments of your college life

those madness in college, chill out parties and many crazy moments are being missed. Su divso hata !!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 1.38.26 am

CHHELLO DIVAS movie has made everyone nostalgic about their college days and what all fun and crazy times they had. Best Movie Ever

photos credit :- Screenshots from CHHELLO DIVAS trailer

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