Things are not always the way they seem to be. The human mind is complex, and it is always working hard to make sense of the world around us. While our brain can achieve some amazing feats, we are only human after all, and we are prone to making errors.

Our brain can sometimes make us see things that aren’t there! No, we are not talking about ghosts or other supernatural elements. Rather, we will list a few optical illusions that will highlight just how complex our minds and the world around can be.

Insane Optical Illusions That Will Leave You Baffled

Insane Optical Illusions

Some optical illusions are more famous than others, but it is still interesting to learn about them. While the famous illusions get all the attention, there are a few lesser-known illusions out there which are just as interesting. When you learn and experience these illusions on your own, it will surely leave you stunned! Read on to find out how your eyes and brain can mess with your perception of things:

1) Hermann Grid

Hermann Grid best Insane Optical Illusions

This is a classic in the world of Optical Illusions, and you may have heard of it before. The Hermann Grid was named after Ludimar Hermann, who was responsible for discovering this illusion back in 1870. In a grid which has a black background and the lines are white, at every point where the lines intersect each other, our minds perceive it as a grey blob. However, when you look at the points of intersection directly, you will find that the grey blob does not appear.

2) Troxler’s Effect

When you stare at a fixed point on a faded or regular image for some time, you will find that the picture around the point seems to fade away or disappear gradually.

3) Blivet

This is another optical illusion which is quite famous. You may have seen this picture at one point or the other. In this baffling illusion and impossible object is presented. In the image, you can see two rectangular prongs at one end, but they seem to morph into three prongs on the other end. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to make sense of this image.

4) Fraser Spiral Or False Spiral

This illusion is named after James Fraser, a British psychologist who first discovered this phenomenon in 1908. In this illusion, it appears as though a series of arcs are spiralling into infinity, whereas, in reality, the picture is just of a series of concentric circles. This illusion is also quite famous, so you may have seen it before. It can be hard to find the concentric circles in the picture, but they are surely there!

5) Scintillating Grid

This illusion is a variation of the Hermann Illusion. In another grid picture, where the intersecting lines are now grey with white blobs on them a strange illusion occurs. When you look at the grid, at the point of intersection, where the white blobs are present, several black dots appear and then disappear (much like the grey blobs in the Hermann Grid). Interestingly the effect of this grid is reduced if you tilt your head to a 45-degree angle.

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6) Endless Staircase

This illusion is also referred to as the Penrose Triangle. In this image, it appears as though a staircase continues endlessly. Much like the Blivet illusion, this is also an impossible object; however, no matter how you look at it, you cannot force your brain to see a different image.

7) Zollner Illusion

In this illusion, an image consists of several parallel lines. However, when you look at the picture, the parallel lines seem to be diagonal. Seems impossible? Why don’t you sit with a ruler for this illusion and check it out for yourself? This interesting illusion was named after Johann Karl Friedrich Zollner.

8) Titchener Circles

This illusion is often referred to as the Ebbinghaus illusion. In this illusion, two orange circles are present. The circle on the left is surrounded by bigger grey circles, while the one on the right is surrounded by smaller grey circles. In this illusion, it appears as though the circle on the left is smaller than the one on the right although they are both of the same diameters. While this is another famous illusion, there is still debate in the Psychological world about the implications of this illusion and the mechanism behind it.

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9) Spinning Silhouette

This illusion was created by a web designer named Nobuyuki Kayahara. In this illusion, some people see the silhouette spinning clockwise, while others see it as anti-clockwise. If you stare at the image for some time, you may be able to see both sides of the coin. Don’t spend too long on it though as it may take you a long while before you can see it.

10) Lilac Chaser

This is an interesting illusion which may be hard to believe. In an image with a black cross at the centre, which is surrounded by lilac circles on all sides, if you stare at the cross for some time something strange happens. When you stare at the cross for a little while it appears as though a green circle is orbiting the cross, and if you stare at it a little longer you will notice that the lilac dots fade away until all that you can see is the green dot moving around the circle. This interesting phenomenon is often referred to as the Pac-man illusion and is quite interesting!

Optical Illusions can open our eyes to the strange world around us. In some cases, seeing should not be equal to believing. These optical illusions may have left you questioning your perception of the world and whether everything that you see is how it should be. Illusions are not rare; in fact, artists often make use of perceptual illusions to create interesting images which push the boundaries of our perception and help us see outside of the box!