Best Riddles For Kids : As you know the kids of this generation are born smart and intelligent. The amount of knowledge they are born with can easily make one feel as if God has made them with sufficient time and utmost care. Just like salt and other food ingredients make boiled veggies tastier, riddles make the children’s brain sharper. Riddles act like boons to smart and intelligent kids. It helps the children get more knowledge about their surroundings and this world. Riddles are famous among children because of the playful ways they are written. Let’s check out some of these:

Top 10 Best Riddles For Kids

Best Riddles For Kids

1) It can never be seen or felt. It cannot be heard or smelt. It is present behind stars and also under hills. It fills the empty holes. What is it?

A: The answer is Dark. Dark cannot be seen or felt. We can never hear from Dark nor can smell it. The night sky is full of Dark and stars. It is even present underneath the hills.

2) If you have this, you want to share this. If you share this, you have not got this. What is this?

A: The answer is Secret. If we have a secret within us, we try to share it with somebody. As soon as the secret is shared, it does not remain a secret anymore.

3) If you drop this from the tallest building, this will be fine. If you drop this in water, it will die. What is this?

A: The answer is Paper. Paper is very light and so can float in the air and land down when thrown from the tallest building. If a paper is thrown in the water, it gets soaked in water and becomes heavy, which leads to its sinking down. It dies.

4) There was a house which was green in color. The greenhouse had a white house inside it. The white house had a red house inside it. The red house had a lot of babies inside it. What is it?

A: The answer is Watermelon. The color of the houses depicts the different layers of the fruit, and the seeds are referred to as babies.

5) There is a creature which can walk on four legs in the morning. It walks on two legs in the afternoon. It walks on three legs in the evening. What is it?

A: The answer is Man. Human babies are born with two legs, but they crawl on four legs in childhood, which includes the arms and the legs. Childhood depicts the morning. When they become adults, they walk on two legs. Youth represents afternoon. As they grow old, they start walking with sticks. Old age depicts the evening.

6) It is light as a feather, but even the strongest and most muscular man could not hold it for more than a minute. What is it?

A: The answer is His Breath. A normal human being without any superpowers, cannot hold his breath for more than one minute or so. If he does so, he dies.

7) It occurs once in every minute. It occurs twice in every moment, yet it never occurs in a thousand years. What is it?

A: The answer is M. The letter m occurs once in the word ‘minute.’ It occurs twice in the word ‘moment.’ It never occurs in the word ‘thousand years.’

8) It has its roots though nobody sees them. It is taller than the trees. It goes up and up with time. It never grows. What is it?

A: The answer is Mountain. A mountain has got its roots though no one can see them. The height of the Mountain goes up and up, but it never grows.

9) I grab and hold anything I see and whatever comes in my way. Amidst the crimes, I hang a man sometimes, and the man hangs me sometimes. I have met a few like me before. We got along quite well in mid-air where nobody could see us except the ones those are dead and are gone. What am I?

A: The answer is Spider Web. The spider makes its web with saliva, which makes it sticky. Whatever comes in the way of the web, it gets stuck in it. If a man encounters a spider web suddenly, he initially gets stuck and spiraled up in it but eventually makes his way out of it and tears it off or hang it up with hands. As the spider webs are sticky, they stick to one another in case one gets near to another one. They are quite invisible and cannot be noticed suddenly. They hang in mid-air, so nobody sees them except the dead insects stuck in them.

10) It has only one color. It comes in different sizes. It is attached at the bottom but can easily fly. It is present in the sun but not in the rain. It never causes any harm to anybody. It never feels any pain. What is it?

A: The answer is Shadow. Shadows come in only one color that is black. It comes in various sizes during a different time of the day. The Shadow starts from our bottom, but with different sizes, it flows anywhere, anytime. The Shadow can be appropriately seen in the sun but not in the rain due to raindrops. It is just the structure of a thing, so it does not cause any harm and feel any pain.

Wrap up on Best Riddles For Kids

best riddles for kids

Riddles are written in such interesting ways, which makes them easily attractive to children. They enjoy solving this quick brain checking questions. Some even set targets in solving riddles. These best riddles for kids sometimes turn out to be subjects of competitions. They have always been famous among children as well as adults. Sometimes riddles can be so tricky that they can easily make one sweaty just for thinking of answers. Sometimes they turn out to be dumb ones which can also make one’s head hurt. The toughest riddles sometimes have the most straightforward solutions, and the easiest ones may have the most robust answers.