While the cases in Mumbai and Maharashtra are quickly increasing, it is becoming essential to curb that rise. Although Andheri is having the highest number of cases, not many media houses are reporting it. Most of the focus is on other low lying areas such as Dharavi & Malad.

With a quick increase of Coronavirus cases in Andheri, it has become the region with the highest number of COVID19 cases in Mumbai. If we consider Mumbai as the epicenter of Corona in India. Andheri is the epicenter of Coronavirus in Mumbai. On average, daily there are 125 cases from Andheri.

Is Vande Bharat Mission a Reason for a huge number of cases in Andheri?

Andheri COVID19 Epicenter of Mumbai

Experts are signaling that Vande Bharat Mission – to bring NRIs back to India is the main reason for COVID19 cases in Andheri. Since it is in close proximity to the Airport, many of the NRIs are kept in quarantine in 26 Hotels of Andheri. Suresh Kakani, Additional Municipal Commissioners said,

“Most foreign travelers are quarantined in hotels in K east east ward of Andheri. The Seven Hills hospital is also in this ward. If a suspected Covid patient is admitted, the address shown by default is K east ward regardless of where the patient lives. Those figures are added to the ward list.”

It is noteworthy that almost 25% of the people brought back through Vande Bharat Mission, stay in Andheri. They spend 7 days in quarantine in hotels of Andheri. Their test is done multiple times here. In case their result comes positive, the test of hotel staff is also carried out. Perhaps, this is the main reason for increasing cases in Andheri.

Even Marol Police Camp is in the same ward. Many police officers travel across various containment zones to offer their services. Till now, almost 40 COVID19 cases are reported from this camp. Due to all these reasons, the testing in this ward is also very high!

However, the positive news from Andheri is the death rate is less in the ward because of the presence of Seven Hills Hospital and Jogeshwari trauma care in the ward.