Internet Memes have been entertaining the whole world for years. So, To brighten up your day we have come up with a new and hilarious meme that will make you laugh instantly. Yes, we are going to share ‘’ Saddam Hussein Memes’’. If you are new to this meme, let us introduce it to you. Saddam Hussein was the president of Iraq from 1979 to 2003. His rule is characterized by financial crises and war between neighboring countries. If you are new to this meme, Just scroll down to get a full dose of laughter and happiness.

50+ Funny Saddam Hussein Memes That Will Make You Laugh

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Saddam Hussein’s Hiding place is one of the most famous Saddam Hussein-inspired memes. Originally, it originated in the year 2003 through a channel BBC’’  when it depicted the hiding place of Sadam Husein. Later, on 13th June 2003, He was captured in a spider hole and arrested under the operation Red Dawn by American military forces. On 14th June, BBC shared this news publicly which gave rise to Saddam Hussein memes. An illustration was made in which he was seen hiding in a spider hole. It was titled ‘’ Saddam’s hiding place’’.  In June 2021,A tweet engaged the popularity among millions of meme lovers. It compared the hiding place of Sadam Husein to a rented apartment. We have also compiled a long list of Saddam Hussein Memes to bring happiness to your life. 

A Tumblr user, metagrammed posted an image of the edited illustration of Saddam Hussein. It was posted on 9th Jan 2015, and received above sixty likes. It gained popularity in August but his meme was not popular until the month of June when a user@postingtwink posted a meme. It gained over ten thousand retweets and over 12000 likes in less than a month. another meme was posted on the 17th of June which went viral along with the first one. Thus, it started gaining popularity on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. If you have not seen these hilarious memes, you are missing one of the most entertaining things in your life. You don’t need to move anywhere in search of these funny memes. Just scroll down and enjoy the most hilarious Saddam Hussein Memes with your favorite cup of joy. Keep laughing and winning the battles of your life!!!!!!

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