Most people spend me-time in the bathroom. Some read books/newspapers, check posts on social media and recap their study, dance, sing in the bathroom, and become famous as bathroom dancers or singers. Not only that bathroom is one only place where people can cry alone. Can you imagine people can share funny meme content about the bathroom as bathroom memes on social media? Let’s check out.

50+ Funny Bathroom Memes That Are Awkwardly True

The bathroom is significantly associated with daily life. People start their day in the bathroom. With the popularity of social media, it has also become a part of people’s life. Then people begin sharing every thin on social media and the bathroom experience as a bathroom meme.

Bathroom Memes Bathroom Meme

Bathroom Memes Bathroom Memes

Bathroom Memes Bathroom Memes Bathroom Memes

Bathroom Memes

Bathroom Memes Bathroom Memes

Bathroom Memes Bathroom Memes

Funny posts regarding bathrooms are always popular on social media. People try to explain the different situations like why people spend time in the bathroom, what people do mainly in the bathroom etc. Through bathroom meme. This meme content is not only funny but also full of sarcasm and humor. One of the most popular posts regarding this meme was an image of a statue in a sitting posture.

The tag line was “ when you forget to bring your phone to the bathroom.” People gave too much love to this post as most of them spent their morning time with their phones in the bathroom. Otherwise, it seems they wasted that time in the bathroom. Now the question is what people do in the bathroom. Another bathroom meme post provided the answer to this and also got lots of likes and shares. The post includes a picture of a boy using the toilet and holding a mobile phone in hand. The tag line was inside the bathroom, where all high scores happened. That means people spend time in the bathroom mostly to play games, and with high concentration, they get high scores.

Wrapping up

SO use the bathroom as your secret place to smile, cry, sing, dance, play games, and think. Also, do not forget to share bathroom memes on social media.

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