The greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but in smiles! Gifts always bring a smile to our faces whenever we receive them. But those may not be as pleasurable for the giver especially when they have to keep scratching their heads to decide the gift. There are many occasions one has to give and receive gifts. From Secret Santa to Friendship Day, and from Housewarming to Wedding Anniversaries, all the celebrations call for pretty presents and mementos to make it special.

Oftentimes, it is easy for the giver to choose what gift to surprise the special someone with. We mean, of course, you mostly know what to gift to your spouse or your mom or your best friend. But at times, choosing the right gift for the person and the occasion itself becomes a task, let alone the cost. Imagine choosing a wedding gift for your ex or one for your boss!

Well, we cannot help but make things easier for you by adding some fun elements to your experience while you still keep scrolling for what to choose. And we can do that by talking about gift memes!

Yes, memes are something that instantly brings a ‘haha’ moment for you just by thinking about them. And when we talk about gift memes, these are a great way of communication between gift-givers. How? If you had a recent experience where you had to get a gift for your boss along with your colleague-turned-friend, you can share a fun meme addressing a relatable moment for you both. And that will turn into an inside joke for the two of you.

With the boasting trend of memes on social media platforms and in an era when everything we do is on the internet, memes become a source of laughter and “that’s me” moments when it comes to choosing gifts for different occasions.

Besides, memes can even come in handy for you if you have a friend who makes and sells gifts by any chance. You can make great fun of them on WhatsApp groups or Instagram Stories by sharing viral gift memes and involving other friends to tease them.

50+ Funniest Gift Memes For Every One

Let’s dig into some of the funniest gift memes of all time for you to choose and share.

Thanks, Dad for the iPad

gift memes

Acting surprised

gift memes

Gift card

Gift cards are thoughtful gifts

Saving the planet

Perfect gift


Bae & gifts

Gift for you


The smile

Free gift

Show up empty
gift memes

Get gifting and if you can’t choose the right present, sneakily share some relatable memes with them. But don’t try it with your mom or your boss to not get kicked out of your house or job!