These days there is a trend among youngsters to become an influencer and there are numerous social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, X, and Snapchat that give numerous opportunities. But what was once a role users fell into by accident, has now become a career aspiration for youngsters and teenagers.

So, an Irish university will offer a degree in social media influencing for those who are interested. The Southeast Technical University in Carlow will launch a Bachelor of Arts in Content Creation and Social Media in September 2024. The applications for the university will be opening in November this year. So, now you must be wondering what exactly is this degree; what will students learn and when does the course start?

The course at the University of Ireland will stretch over four years, covering video and audio editing, business skills, critical cultural studies and creative writing. lecturer in media and communications at the university, Dr Eleanor O’Leary, said the industry has doubled in value globally since 2019. Those who complete the course will be able to “start an energising media job in the worlds of business, campaigning, selling and influencing,” according to SETU. The university claims that “your career in digital media will be launched by taking part in our exciting new programme focusing on content creation and the harnessing of social media power.”

The degree description on the SETU website also promises that “we will help you professionalise your practice so that it transforms from hobby to career” and students will “learn to become an expert in social media theory and practice”. The course will educate students on how to maintain an audience online and how to work with businesses to monetise that as an influencer.

The degree will last three years for the students in the university. Although the university will welcome the students from September 2024.  Applications will be available from November 2023.

“It is kind of worth an estimate of between €14 and €16 billion (£12 billion to £13 billion) worldwide and so it is an area that has a specific set of skills. Lots of people end up working and collaborating with brands. They could be self-employed as an influencer, or they could go in with a company and organisation as a content creator,” she told RTE.

Nick said “Well let me tell you, there are a lot of young people going to universities and colleges now in industries that don’t get anything like that amount of money. So someone like me, I mean, I do understand what social media influencers are, I understand what they do, it would have no interest to me.”