We all know how costly a Rolls Royce is and buying one is probably a dream for many but what if I tell you that you can get it much cheaper? A teen named Hadif in Kerala made a mini Rolls Royce lookalike by transforming a Maruti 800 car using his customisation skills. He said the entire modification cost him just Rs 45,000.

In a YouTube video, uploaded by the channel ‘Tricks Tube’, the 18-year-old Hadif said that he is passionate about cars and likes to make replicas of luxurious vehicles at not even half of their price. He also mentioned that he created the Rolls Royce-inspired logo for his mini lookalike all by himself.

The video has amassed more than 460k views on YouTube. Hadif who’s from Kodungallur spent several months on the project and has completely redesigned the Maruti 800 with a new body kit. The automobile enthusiast teen has tweaked the interiors, changed the front end of the car and replaced it with a new panel featuring a bold, bulkier design, with Rolls Royce-inspired grille and headlights. Hadif also previously constructed a small Jeep powered by a motorcycle engine during the pandemic.

A friend of the 18-year-old teen donated him an old, non-functional Maruti 800 for his project. The car he received was in bad shape, but the owner of the car willingly offered it to the teen for his project.

The teen’s father has also been a strong supporter of his son. He frequently sponsored the majority of the customisation work Hadif did. Due to intermittent financing constraints, it took them several months to complete the job.

Hadif completely rebuilt the front end of the old damaged Maruti 800. He disassembled the original bonnet and fenders of the vehicle and built a new metal frame to install the new panels.

It was not an easy task as Hadif had to be quite precise with the measurements and his design. He designed and measured everything in his old car. The metal sheets were utilised, which he properly cut to fit the vehicle. These panels were then soldered to the body of the car. The car still has the original wheel of the Maruti 800 but the seats were changed. He got them from a BMW through a friend. The console and steering wheel are done in brown, while the body is mostly white with a black bonnet.

The elegant headlamps, wide grille, and bumper look like they belong on a Rolls Royce. The automobile keeps the factory 800 steel rims with wheel covers on the side profile. The original doors of the car remain in place but there were significant changes to the rear. The hatchback now has an expanded boot that resembles a Rolls-Royce. This car’s taillights are from a Maruti 800.

The work is quite impressive for a car constructed by an 18-year-old on such a short budget.