Meet Tanya Mallya, the lesser-known sister of Sidhartha Mallya and the daughter of Vijay Mallya. We all probably know both the Mallyas but his daughter and Sidhartha’s sister prefer staying low-key in order to avoid media scrutiny.

Once known as the ‘King of Good Times’ the story of Vijay’s success and tragic downfall is not unknown to the world. The multi-millionaire was declared bankrupt for not being able to pay back his dues to Kingfisher Airlines. This ultimately led to him becoming a fugitive businessman with a four-month prison term and a Rs 2,000 crore fine by the Supreme Court of India in July 2022.

For some of you may not know, Vijay Mallya first married Sameera, with whom he had a son Siddharth. A few years later Mallya married Rekha, who lived in his neighbourhood in Bangalore after getting divorced from Sameera. The couple then had two daughters, named Leena and Tany Mallya. Rekha was previously married twice and has a daughter and son, Leila and Kabir, from her marriage.

Tanya Mallya


Born on October 3, 1996, Tanya resides in San Francisco, California. She went to the California Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco, California for her schooling. She pursued her graduation in psychology from Barnard College, New York City. She worked as a ‘Student Volunteer’ for a non-governmental organization called Habitat for Humanity International while she was in high school. It helped to inspire and empower other kids to get involved in volunteerism.

In 2011, she joined the ‘California Pacific Medical Centre’ as a volunteer where she worked for more than three years in various departments including the ambulatory care unit, kidney transplant, ophthalmology, and gift store. And coincedantaly she first met her husband, who was a ‘Volunteer’ in the same medical center in 2011.

Tanya Mallya

Tanya is quite fond of photography. Tanya also went to Paris in 2013 on the ‘National Geographic Student Expedition’ to learn digital photography. The banks said that her Vijay Mallya had transffered a large amount of the money to his son Siddharth Mallya and daughters Leanna Mallya and Tanya Mallya. Her estimated net worth is Rs 6 crore.