We never know what may become the latest trend in fashion amongst the youth. A lot of young ladies have been spotted in Japan wearing LED lights in their skirts. These kinds of lights are only seen during parties and clubbing but Japanese girls got their own swag, They love to wear and flaunt LED lights in their skirts. Photos of lights under skirts have gone viral on the internet and young people are just loving it.

Check out the photos of Japanese girls wearing skirts with LED lights

Skirts with lights have become a style statement in Japan.

Well, The light has different colors, You can choose your favorite one and have a blast.

We are sure these girls are going to get a lot of attention from guys and even girls.

The lights has some great battery, It can be seen in the day time also, At night it looks beautiful

We are sure this skirts are going to get viral in other country also. Let us know in the comment section what you think about this beautiful lights under skirt.