10 Problems Only Women on Their Periods Understand


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When your periods surprises you completely and you feel that this is the Worst Time of you life! if you have been in this situation then this article is for you.

1) Food Craving

food craving when in periods

What if everyone had birthday in college or office when i am in periods, I would love to have cakes/pastries and more desserts during my time of the month, Who wants to take the pain of walking around to the kitchen and make things, Birthdays can bring chocolates and others stuff till our desk.

2) Mood swings

girls Mood swings during periods

Well, this is the most tricky part and boys will never understand because they don’t bleed. Mood Swings is the most common problem every girl faces during her periods. This includes instant anger, getting irritated by surrounding environment, sadness leading to crying, depressive state and more.

3) Menstrual Pain

Menstrual Pain

This is the most common pain faced by women every time they are in Periods. Different body parts get affected which includes lower tummy, legs, inner things and back. This pain occurs becuase of muscle contraction in the uterus.


4) Not able to workout or go to dance class

5 days in a month you don’t feel like working out and want to skip aerobics classes and gym session.

5) Headache, Nausea & Vomiting

These three problems are interrelated during menstrual cycle. Headache is the most common problem that is observed during periods in women. This problem occurs when you have heavy bleeding or lo bleeding and you intake very little to no food.

Heavy headache causes Vomiting and thus results in Nausea.

6) Waiting for your periods, but it is not coming.

waiting for periods to come early girls

This is the worst time, you have a function or party to addend next weekend, you thing your periods will not trouble you, you keep waiting and it lands on the day you have the party.

7) When people ask you, Are you in periods when you seem irritated.

girls irritated during period

Even if you are not in periods, you get irritated because you hangout with foolish people who ask lame questions. It’s not just the periods but the company you are with, Change the company right away, you will feel better.

8) When it comes during vacation time when you are with your guy! Opps

on periods during vacation

Just imagine that you suddenly come in periods couple of days before your dates and you did not carry pads or tampons with you.

9) You don’t get into the pool worrying about the tampons could poke out suddenly.

girl gets periods in swimming pool

Yes this is why girls in periods avoid hitting the beach or getting into the pool.

10) Confused all the time what to wear.

confused what to wear in periods

Girls are strong, very strong.

Guys, Always pamper your girl when she is in periods. She’ll feel better.

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