Always thinking why am i single? All my friends are committed and some are soon going to get married. What am I doing in my life? Am I gonna die single? Is my Rahul too busy with some other Simran? Or maybe I am the Cinderella who never found her prince charming. If not, why am I single? Where are you my prince?
Yes these are the normal thoughts which come to mind when you are in your early 20’s and Shah Rukh Khan Movies are your ultimate fantasy. Honestly there is no one who is going to hold you while you are about to miss a train or climb your balcony when you are grounded or ‘barrish k mosam meh’ get you Moong dal ke pakkode with phudane ki chutney. But who cares! I am happy being single; and the answer to why am I single? It’s partly by my choice.
 why am i still single
Being single is no crime, maybe we are just waiting for that right person or are we being too choosy here and losing the best we have? Perhaps, that can be one of the reasons why I am still single.

Why am i single? 7 Potential reasons you are still single


1) Too hard to get:
You try to pretend like a tough catch, “I don’t care”, but in reality you do. You act as if you are too busy to date; you have better work to do then going out with someone.  Don’t play too hard, let people know who the real you are? Perhaps your prince charming is just next door and waiting for your one smile!
2) Loyalty:
In today’s world loyalty is rare. And most of us back-off thinking if he/she will not be loyal. Every now and then when I think about dating someone, loyalty is a huge question which comes to my mind and maybe that’s why I am single. It’s better to be single than hurt!
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3) Stuck on that ‘one’:
OMG! This ‘one’ is never going to be yours and will never let you be someone’s. The day you finally think of moving on, either you will see their hot Instragram story or will receive a reply to 1 month old message. And from very next day the cycle continues. What lil games this ‘one’ plays!
But it’s okay to move on and allow someone else to get close to you. The world has lot more to offer.
4) Scared to lose:
When I think ‘why am I single?’ one of the things comes to my mind is ‘what if I lose him?’  Too scared of losing him. Aren’t all of us scared of choosing the people we love? Aren’t we too insecure and possessive? I think yes, we are. We will always think of the world without that person. Ever thought what the world will be with that person. So stop being insecure. Go with the flow.
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5) Multiple crush:
 This is something which most of us have faced some or other time in our life. When you have multiple choice to choose from, it’s always confusing to pick one, whether its clothes or people.  Its fine, don’t feel you are the only one to face it; actually we are sailing in the same boat. I always want the best and this is a major reason why I am single.
6) You don’t find anyone interesting:
It’s always hard to find someone with same interest. Doesn’t matter even if you are from same field. What if my Mr.Dracy is ill-mannered? Doesn’t have etiquettes? It’s quite irritating when you make noise while eating(Guys take it as a tip). It’s annoying when you say ‘Ladkiyo ko gaadi chalana nai aata!’ Love, all of us are not same! Okay, I am over-thinking here. But try to find something positive in him (like I do :p ) Don’t forget opposite attracts, take a chance.
7) Commitment phobia:
Fear of intimacy and emotional connection. Fear of losing my freedom. Fear of being completely dependent on them. Fear of letting go of things you love for them after giving them commitment. Don’t all of us have many relations to be taken cared off? Adding one more doesn’t seem like a good idea. It feels weighting life with extra 100 pounds. Maybe that is why I am single.
Aren’t single people too happy? Or are we missing the good part in our life? Don’t you relate to the most of the reasons I listed above. But it’s okay to take a chance and try on someone. Perhaps they are waiting for you. Let go certain things and accept the person the way they are.
All of us have some or other in our life, some find them in school, some in college and some like us may find them while driving or waiting on a traffic signal. Be alter!
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