I want to tell something to my ex girlfriend, But before that read this. “Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to, And love leaves exactly when love must. When love arrives, say, “Welcome. Make yourself comfortable.” If love leaves, ask her to leave the door open behind her. Turn off the music, listen to the quiet, whisper,“Thank you for stopping by.”
These lines by Phil & Sarah Kay tells everything about love and heartache in the best possible way.

Somethings mind knows already, but heart didn’t. This sentence is correct when we are in love, or we are in love or heartbroken, but the things do not end my friend. When people are in a relationship, they Want to try to tell many things to their partners but can’t.

my ex girlfriend

7 things i want to tell my ex girlfriend about our relation

The same thing happens to me. I also want to share many things with my girlfriend but I can’t. Even after a break up I still fell to share those seven things with my ex girlfriend.
So today I am sharing with you the seven things I want to tell my ex-girlfriend about our relationship.

The time span I share with you is best

During my (ex) relationship, the time I shared with my ex-girlfriend was the one of the best time of my life. The morning messages, night kisses and during daytime nonsense and sensible nonstop talks makes my day. Though she is not my life now, I am thankful she was in my life.

I miss you all time

It’s hard for me to tell her that I missed you when I was in a relationship. I was meet her once in a week, talk to her almost whole day except sleeping, and still, I missed her, even now I miss her so badly, but now I have to say it to myself only.

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Change your way to see the relation

I never tell my ex girlfriend about this because I don’t want to drain my thoughts in her mind. But yes she has to change her thought process. Trust little more and hope for best. Don’t find negativity in everything because “what you think, the same thing you attract, whether it is negativity or positivity” said Ronda Bern. Other than this be the one who you are.

Don’t get angry

My ex-girlfriend’s mind is like a nuclear reactor, dangerous and explosive but on rare occasion. But when she got angry she is not handled by anyone. Not even by me because I don’t know when it blasts and on which thing. But I want to tell her that anger is human’s greatest enemy, you must have to learn a technique to control it otherwise it harmful to you.

Never fight with me again, I can’t handle it

I am calm people, and I can’t manage fight with anyone. So when it comes to the person you love, then I was broke totally, but I never said to her. I even cried few times. Don’t laugh; boys also can cry, they have heart, too. So I want to tell her don’t fight with me it is unbearable.

I don’t like to show off

Love is the thing, or we can say it more appropriately it feels which can be felt by two people. I don’t like to show it to others that I love you. You always said me the when we go outside hold my hand, never leave me, don’t go with your friends, etc. etc. etc.
I don’t like all these dramas in public. I love to hold her we were alone, l like to stare her when we are apart. But I never said no to my ex girlfriend when we were in a relationship, I still feel that I have to tell her at that time but I can’t.

You worth me more than anything

Yes, this is last but not the least. She was a critical part of my life. She left me and made a tiny void which no one can fill. And I never told her that how much important your presence for me and my life. I believe in leaving everybody, if they truly love you they come back to you. Otherwise, they never love you.

So far we I have discussed all the key point I want to tell my ex girlfriend about our relationship which I can’t able tell her. Now it’s your turn, what you wish to try but never expressed in words, share them here with us. Leave your answer in a comment box. We are waiting for our reply.
Thank you for bearing me and my reasons now it’s my turn. Let’s start without waiting.

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