Are you still in love with your crush, Do you want to know how to get over a crush? Breakups are heart-breaking if you are in a serious relationship since past few years. Breakups happen because of the lack of understanding, trust. When you put your ego above the person you love, it becomes the reason for not living comfortably with each other. When you feel that your partner is not the one you loved you must move on instead of staying in the fake relationship.

But as I said, you have to go through a lot of pain, you have to move on anyhow because your family loves you and you cannot cry whole life for the thing that can’t be yours. You must be thinking that what I am talking about, right? Here I am going to give you the Top 10 ways to How to get over a crush? There are many of you who was a relationship previously and still, your crush is your partner only and I know you all must be searching for ways to How to Get Over a Crush.

10 Tips on How to Get Over a Crush you loved

It’s easy to look at your crush and imagine many things in your mind and keep a control on your feelings but what will happen if you are not able to spit out your feelings and confess your love and later you come to know that your crush is already committed to someone else? There is only one option left and that is forgetting your crush.

how to get over a crush

10 Tips on How to Get Over a Crush you loved

1) Don’t think about your crush: It happens that whenever you are sitting alone and doing nothing, all you think about is your crush is dating someone else and you get sad. Stop this! Whenever you feel like you are badly missing your crush, divert your mind and start thinking about your career or your family or anything else.

2) Plan a trip with your buddies: If you are really unhappy and get over a crush, the best alternative for you is, plan a trip to any place with your friends where you can enjoy like hell and if your friends are with you, you automatically won’t think about your crush. By the time you will be back from your trip, you will forget your crush.

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3) Listen to DJ Music: Music is considered as one of the best remedies for many things and it is considered as one of the best ways for How to Get Over a Crush. If you want to divert your mind from your crush, put on your headphones, turn on music and listen to it.

4) Let your tears flow: You have to accept that your crush cannot be yours as the other person doesn’t feel the same for you. Yes, this is a very bitter truth which you need to accept. Cry as much as you want when sitting alone or cry in front of the person who is close to you.

5) Write your emotions on a paper and burn it: If your crush has ditched you and you are really angry but cannot do anything because you still love them, what you can do to get over it is, write down all your emotions, anger, best/ worst moments on a paper and burn it. You will feel relaxed and calm. 

6) Start hating your crush: Remember all the bad conversations happened between you two and focus on harsh words told by your crush. You will get angry and you will hate more. This is a very good way if you are looking for How to get over a crush.

7) You must know your own value: You are not here to make everyone happy. Remember you deserve better. If you are ditched by your crush don’t even be in contact with them. Let them realize your worth. There are many people who are in a relationship stop valuing their partners at some point which is completely wrong. You must know your own worth and don’t let anybody take your advantage.

8) Fight with them: If you are not able to get rid of their thoughts, call them and tell them everything you have in your heart and then get away from their life. Make new friends, spend time with your family, focus on what you want to do in your life. It is obvious that fighting will make the situation worse but this is the only way you can get over them as you will spit out everything in front of them.

9) Keep yourself busy: Sitting alone and crying for the same thing will only affect your health. Go out with your friends, go to parties, meet new people, surf about some interesting facts on the internet, learn cooking, read books. Keep your mind busy. This will help you a lot in moving on.

10) Don’t show your obsession: If your crush came to know that you are obsessed with them, they will start hating you and your friendship will be at risk too. So, whenever you feel like you can’t handle more and cannot see your crush with someone else, talk to your best friend, pour out everything to them and you will feel relaxed but don’t show them that you are desperate for them and show some attitude.

Final Words

Mentioned above are the best ways to How to Get Over a Crush. It is really sad if someone plays with our feelings or ditches us but we cannot do anything for it. We have more important priorities in our life like our family, friends, and career at the top. If you really want to get over your crush, focus on different things that make you happy and relaxed.