Does he like me is a question that comes to the mind of every girl at some moment of time. All girls know a classmate, or a neighbour, or a colleague who is hot but they aren’t sure if he likes them or not. Decoding the feelings of men and finding the answer to the does he like me question can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. Guys can be incredibly shy when it comes to being direct with girls. It is hard to get them to admit that they are interested in a girl.

So you’re truly into a person yet you don’t know whether he feels a similar way. Or, on the other hand,  perhaps you got a guy looking intently at you and you’re thinking does he like me or is he just bored. When guys like a girl, they often try to play it “cool” by not approaching the girls at all. sometimes they are scared of rejection or being judged. Most of the times they are intimidated and nervous. And a few times, they don’t want to come across as sleazy.

Are you losing your sleep over the question does he like me or not? Look no further. I did some research and weeded out the best ways to answer the does he like me question.

Here are ten signs he’s clearly interested in you which answer your does he like me question-

He finds excuses to talk to you


If a guy likes you then he will find excuses to initiate a conversation with you. If he is your classmate then he may constantly ask for your help in projects, or he may even come up with typical lame excuses like borrowing a pen. If he works with you then he might strike up a conversation with you during lunch break. Or he might just happen to come to your cabin to ask you if you have seen his lost file. He might even make up stuff just to start a conversation with you.

He patiently listens to you and remembers details

If a guy likes you then he will not only find excuses to talk to you but he will also be a good listener when you talk. When a guy likes a girl, he can’t seem to get enough of her. Like a sponge, he will absorb everything you tell him. And then, he will want to know more. He will tend to remember even small and insignificant stuff that you may have told him in passing. When a guy likes you, he will show a genuine interest in your likes, dreams, aspirations, and life.

Body Language Cues

Source- Style Girlfriend

You can find the answer to the does he like me question by paying attention to his body language. Does he lean in to talk to you? Does he smile while looking at you? Does he often look at you intently? If the answer is yes then he is clearly interested in you. Does he flinch when you touch his hand? Does he avoid making eye contacts? Does he move further away when you inch closer to him? If the answer is yes, then he might not be interested in you.

He is constantly complimenting you

When a guy likes a girl, he will compliment her. He will not only pay attention to you but he will also give genuine compliments. He will notice any change in hairstyle and tell you that it suits you. If he is your classmate then he may compliment you on your results. Guys often compliment girls because they want to get closer to them. This is a clear sign that he likes you. Also, guys want to make the girl they like feeling good. By giving them compliments they ensure that the girl they like will feel good about herself.

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He Adds you on Social Media

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Did he send you a friend request on facebook? Did he follow you on Instagram? Did he ask you for your snapchat ID? This is a clear indication that he likes you and wants to know more about you. Most of the times, guys won’t bother to connect to people over social media if they aren’t interested in them. He may also low-key stalk you on social media and like all your posts.

He is Constantly Trying To Impress You

Does he brag about his achievements all the time? Is he constantly trying to impress you by telling you about his cars, money, grades, salary, etc? Guys who like you will try to make a good impression on you. They will try to show off a bit to make a good image in front of you.

He Looks Happy When He Is Around You

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Does he smile a lot when you are around? When you catch him looking at you and smile, does he smile back? Do you catch him staring at you with a smile on his face? If yes, then he is clearly interested in you.

He asks you if you are single

Has he asked you if you have a boyfriend? Has he ever hinted at it by asking indirectly like “Have you been in love?” When a guy likes you, he wants to know if you are available or not. Unless a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t really be bothered about your personal life.

He is protective of you

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Does he offer you his seat on the bus? Does he give you his coat when it’s cold? Does he get comfort food and medicine when you are sick? If a guy likes you then he will be protective of you. Guys who like you will be not only supportive but also quite protective of you.

He doesn’t take out his phone when he’s with you

When a guy likes you, he will make sure that you get his full undivided attention. He will not take you for granted and use his phone when you are with him. He will cherish every moment you spend with him and he won’t disrespect it by taking out his phone.