Does she like me? or Friends? do you have a crush on a girl and want to predict her feelings? Everyone is attracted to the person who gives you the importance and who value your feelings. It is a natural feeling and happens with everyone. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you keep talking all day but it is really mandatory to give your time and support when your partner really needs it.  If you are thinking Does she like me? 10 Signs she’s clearly interested in you.

does she like me

How to Predict?

So, how will you predict if the girl you like has the same feelings for you? There is a right time for everything. First, you need to understand each other and respect their feelings. We have predicted 10 Signs she’s clearly interested in you. Now, if you find these 10 signs in your girl then you are a happy go lucky person.

Does she like me? 10 Signs she’s clearly interested in you.

  1. She keeps talking to you.

Talking is one of the favorite hobbies of a girl and she can talk for hours on any topic. Now if the girl you like keeps talking to you and is sharing everything with you that means she likes you, she trusts you and she expects you to understand her feelings and support her. If she is giving you her time that means you mean something to her.

  1. Calling you or texting you first.

Girls are egoistic when it comes to calling or texting first but if the girl likes you a lot she will approach you first. She will call you or text you first to talk to you, share all those things she did all day. So, keep an eye on her behavior if you want to predict if your girl likes you too.

  1. She will touch you.

If she likes you she will push you, she will get close to you or simply touch you or hold you while you are walking.  

  1. She will poke you by telling you that you are a stranger.

Most girls feel uncomfortable while talking to a stranger but if you are a stranger to her and still she wants to know more about you,  she will tell you indirectly that you are a stranger to her. Do not take her words in a wrong way as this truly means that she wants to know you more and want to spend time with you.

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  1. Confess status.

She will confess that she is single if she is interested in you.

  1. Want to know your Personal Life.

In order to know more about and about your life, she will ask you lot of personal questions.

  1. She will stare you.

If you and your girl are in the same classroom, she will not miss a single chance to look at you or stare you. If you catch her staring at you and this can be a signal that the girl likes you. 

  1. She will compliment you.

She will notice you and she will compliment you if you will impress her.

  1. Making Eye Contact.

Making eye contact is one of the most important aspects through which you can get a signal that your crush likes you too.

  1. She will talk about you.

She will share her feelings with you to her close friends.

Now you have a proper answer to does he life you. If you find these 10 Signs she’s clearly interested in you then kindly share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.