Summer is the best time of the year because you get to enjoy everything that nature has to offer – from warm temperatures and sunny days to green trees, grass, flowers, and animals. It is also the perfect time to be more active and spend more time outside, trying to keep in shape or even lose a few pounds.

If you’re looking forward to the long summer days, why not spend them alongside your best four-legged companion? Dogs must also benefit from an active lifestyle, so here are some good places you can both go to have the time of your lives and work on your bond.

The beach

There are many dog-friendly beaches in the country so all you have to do is search for the nearest one and plan your trip. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax and work on your tan while you let your dog run free without having a care in the world.

Play frisbee, build sandcastles, take a bath in the water or simply admire the landscape – there are plenty of things to do at the beach alongside your pawed friend.


If you’re looking for a low-budget vacation spent in the middle of nature, going camping is the best solution. Pack your camping gear and a tent and head to the nearest camping site that is pet-friendly.

You will have the opportunity to meet other campers and their dogs and spend some quality time outdoors, admiring the wonders of nature. Moreover, most camps provide all necessary amenities to cook a delicious dinner, so make sure to ditch regular kibbles and offer your pet a true cooked or grilled meal.

However, if you plan on staying longer, this article on the top products experts recommend will help you pick the right food brand to look after your pet’s weight and make sure it receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy growth.

A dog park

Going to a special dog park is the perfect weekend activity for the entire family. While you and your children can enjoy a picnic, your pet will run freely, play, and even make new friends.

Dog parks are the perfect place for your pup to spend all that extra energy, improve its muscles, and lose a few pounds if necessary.

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Restaurants and cafes

More and more restaurants, pubs, and cafes welcome pets and their owners in an attempt to help people spend quality time with their beloved animals. All you need to do is check online for the nearest venues that are pet-friendly and take your pooch out for a walk.

What we liked the most is that some of these places even offer special menus for dogs with healthy and delicious snacks or full meals to enjoy alongside their owners. Others won’t have a designated menu for pets but at least will provide free bowls of water and even some grilled steaks in case it’s impossible for you to resist those puppy eyes.