Asia has a fast-growing economy which is providing amazing products globally. Business owners can take advantage of the quality products at affordable prices. Business owners stand to make twice as much from importing goods from Asia. There are various shipping options for goods with packages like pallets that can handle up to 1,000kg loads. You can quickly ship items from Asia to anywhere in the globe using pallet delivery services. Businesses like Parcel Broker offer timely delivery services at reasonable prices. Shipping prices are essential because they determine the net profit a business person can make from products.

What are some of the profitable products in Asia?

Countries like Japan, Korea, and China have developed technology that makes the production of items cheaper. The low cost of production doesn’t affect the quality of the products. The advanced technological processes produce high-quality products that offer a great customer experience.

1) Electronics

There are many household electronics like humidifiers, mini fans and portable Bluetooth speakers that Asian countries produce at affordable prices. Phones and mobile accessories like earbuds are made with advanced technology. Phones made in Asia are cheaper and offer the same features or more as phones made in western countries.

2) Clothes

The fashion industry in Asia is enormous and still growing each year. The growth can be attributed to amazing designs and access to different types of fabrics in Asia. The designers have a talent for developing new functional and beautiful outfits. There are clothes for men, women and even pets. The venture into pets clothes by Asian countries is new but has quickly become a trending topic globally.

3) Jewellery

Jewellery is a profitable business venture, mainly when you import from Asia. You can make triple your investment when you buy jewellery from Asia. The best part is that the jewellery has pleasing designs and a wide variety. Jewellery occupies a small space, and it is possible to import large quantities without paying high shipment fees.  Starting a jewellery business requires little capital, and you can grow the business slowly over the years.

4) Sport shoes

The rise of the fitness trend has brought a need for comfortable sports shoes for workouts. Asia produces cheap, comfortable and stylish sports shoes to meet the rising demand. Unlike expensive western brands, sports shoes from Asia have reasonable prices. You can invest in sport’s shoes and sporting goods from China and make significant profits from the healthy lifestyle trend.

5) Hair and beauty

The Asian culture much values beauty and hair, which has lead to significant advancements in the beauty industry. Also, Asian hair makes an excellent product for human hair weaves, wigs and extension, which are in high demand around the globe. The beauty products range from moisturizers, cleansers, make-up, perfumes and even spa treatments. Asians have many beauty secrets passed down over generations, and that knowledge is being utilised to create amazing beauty products.

Importing products from Asia maybe the next step you need to take to expand your business and increase your bottom line. Using a reliable shipping service like Parcel Broker to handle all your shipping needs can be beneficial for your business. Staffs can assist you in picking the right pallet for your products to ensure a smooth pallet delivery service.