If you are in the business world, you will agree that marketing is all about targeting the right audience and giving them the right information. There are many ways of delivering promotional products and advertisement information and to your audience. Using swag bags with promotional products and information is now a trend that is working very well.

Before we look at the various swag bag ideas, let’s discuss what these bags are. Initially, they were bags used by burglars to carry stolen items. Now, these bags are goodie bags that are used as marketing tools that target groups of potential customers. That said, let us look at some ideas that entrepreneurs can use to reach different customers.

Auto Cleaning Pack in a Swag Bag

If you have been to auto stores or other stores that have auto sections, you may have seen swag bags in action. Any company that sells auto cleaning accessories can package different items into one pack in a swag bag. If the package price offers more value, people will definitely buy it. As the manufacturing company, you will get a free marketing platform through the branded swag bag.

Laundry Bags in a Hotel

To promote the brand name of your hotel, you can brand swag bags that are used to collect laundry clothes from the guest rooms. Although the guests are not expected to carry the bags, they will appreciate the efforts that have been made by the hotel. The guests will associate your logo on the bags with this luxury service.

A Healthy Snack for Event Attendees

If you are sponsoring a certain event or conference, it is time to be more creative with a swag bag. After it is branded with your company’s logo and promotional message, you can prepare some healthy snacks for the event attendees and put them in a swag bag. This should include water, fresh juice, sweets and a healthy snack. If you want to get creative swag bags for this purpose, check out the Rocket bags website for more information.

Departure Gift Hamper

After the event has concluded, you can give guests a hamper in a swag bag. Now that hampers are trendy, guests will enjoy carrying them around. Surprisingly, high-quality swag bags can be used even after the event to carry various items around town. Make sure that the hamper is useful to the audience.

Makeup Gift Pack in a Swag Bag

Is your event fashion related? If yes, then you can have various makeup packages for the models and attendees of the show. As a good sponsor of the event, your brand name must be displayed to as many people as possible. As women carry their makeup to their homes and hotel rooms, the swag bag will say it all.

Final Word

There are many ways in which swag bags can be used to upsell a product. These are just some of the best ideas, and any entrepreneur can incorporate their ideas in the same way. As you do this, ensure that the message is very clear.