Most Aggressive Dogs Breed: While all dogs are good boys and girls, humans play a key role in their upbringing. We care for them, provide them food, shelter, medication, and we take a proactive role in managing our pets’ health by bringing them in for regular check-ups, outfitting them with the best pet health insurance, and so on. However, despite our best intentions, humans make mistakes, and failing to adequately train certain breeds of dog can in some cases lead to an increased risk for aggressive behavior in our canine friends. While expert opinions are divided on the topic, there is some consensus that certain dog breeds may require special attention to effectively manage their behavior and ensure the safety of the animal and the humans it comes into contact with.

Let us see the list of the most Aggressive dogs breed.

So, if you have a dog pet at your house, the proper training for that dog is very important. Training is the main thing for the safety of your dog and the one who handles that dog

1) German Shepherd

A German shepherd is the topmost aggressive dog breed, as these dog breeds have a very close bond with the family and they become overprotective. The common Aggressive behavior of this dog breed is, if you tell them to stop barking then it starts to bark louder. Your German Shepherd is trying to bite on your hand and feet with force. This dog breed is chasing other pets at your house by barking continuously. Apart from all this, did you know the reasons why German Shepherd gets Aggressive?

German Shepherd dog breed needs enough exercise which should be done regularly. It becomes over possessive to their family and owners. If it sees someone stranger coming in then it starts barking as it feels a threat to the family.

2) Husky

Siberian Husky dog breeds do not show their possessive qualities them. And not they are aggressive with other dogs. Their appearance is like a wolf which appeals to many people and their temperament. The Husky dog breeds have a zest for life which is not with all the other breeds. It is considered by so many that the Husky dog breed has a temperament that is close to the wild wolf.

Huskies dog breeds can be dominant and also stubborn. This Husky dog breed is only for a confident owner who can train and socialize their dog properly.

3) Pit Bulls

Pit Bull’s dog breed is not aggressive with people but are the breeds that are less tolerant. These dog breeds have great tenacity. They get something in their mind and they do it. And this thing makes them great dogs for sports, especially for weight pulling. The Pit Bulls dogs are very strong and athletic.

These Pit Bulls dog breed attacks by biting their target and then shake their head back and forth. This is their attacking style but can be a serious injury.

4) Dachshund (Standard Smooth)

Dachshund dog breed can come in size from 8 to 32 pounds. You can find this dog breed in both long and short hair and can be of any color. This Dachshund dog breed was originated in Germany in the 17th century. These dog breeds were used to hunt badgers. Now, Dachshund dog breeds are the most popular dogs in America. It is said to be a small dog syndrome which means it makes up for its small size with a huge attitude. There can be a behavior problem with this dog breed. If it is trained properly from first then it will do well with children, but do not send the kids with this dog alone and don’t allow them to play too much roughly. Take care with small pets like rats, mice as Dachshund have a hunting instinct towards this type of animal.

5) Doberman Pincher

In some countries, it is called Doberman Pinscher, and in some just Dobermann. This Doberman Pinscher dog breed needs a walk every day and if possible it also needs running. If this dog breed gets less exercise then it can lead to a behavior problem. These are normally personal protection dogs. Often these dogs will show aggressive behavior towards other dogs and to those people whom they don’t know. However, these dogs need extreme training so they can be proper towards other dogs and can be properly managed by the owner.

6) Chow Chow

Chow Chow dog breed is a medium-sized dog. The weight of them can be between 45 and 70 pounds. There is a long, thick coat that comes in red, black, blue, cream or cinnamon colors. The exact origin of this dog breed is still not known. But it is said that these dog breeds are originated thousands of years ago in China or in Mongolia. Mostly Chow Chow dog breeds are used as hunting and herding dogs. At the time of the 20th Century, the Chow Chow dog breed became very popular.

The Chow Chow dog breed has a dominant personality. These dogs are not recommended for first-time dog owners.

7) Rottweiler

In the working group, Rottweiler is listed as large-sized dogs. The size of this dog can be from 85 to 130 pounds. It has short hair with a straight, dense coat which is black with rust markings. The name of this dog comes from a small town in Germany called Rottweil. Earlier these dogs were known as “Rottweil butcher’s dog” but later the name was changed to Rottweiler. Earlier, these dogs were used for cattle herding and bear hunting. In the United States, these dogs became very popular as guard dogs and have also worked with Army and police forces.

8) Jack Russell Terrier

Basically, the Jack Russel terrier and the Parson terrier are the same breeds with a small difference. The Jack Russel Terrier dogs are small-sized dogs and come in size from 14 to 18 pounds. These dogs are white in color with black or tan markings. It can have a short or long-haired or broken coat. The origin of this breed started in England where they were first used for fox hunting. These dogs were also used in badger and groundhog hunting. Jack Russel Terrier’s dog breed is so energetic and stubborn dogs.

9) Dalmatian

Dalmatian dog breed range in size from 45 to 60 pounds. It has a short, dense coat which is white, black or brown spots. Still, the exact origin of Dalmatian is not confirmed. However, similar dogs are found in the paintings of Egyptian tombs wall. These dogs are used as carriage dogs, guarding passengers also from the late 18th century. At an early age, only these dogs need to be socialized. Dalmatian dog breeds is good with kids but you need to give attention whenever your child is playing with this dog.

10) Chihuahua

This is the smallest breed of dog with the American Kennel Club. Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world. They can range from 4 to 6 pounds and are in the toy group of dogs. It either has short or long hair. It can come in any color, and the color can be solid, marked, or splashed. It is the oldest dog breed in America. It was originated in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The famous explorer Christopher Columbus introduced it in Europe.

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CONCLUSION on most aggressive dogs breed in the world

So, this is the list of the most aggressive dogs breed. If you are the first time the owner of the dog then does not get these dogs first. We hope you liked this article and is helpful for you. Keep visiting our site don’t get serious for more updates on dogs and pets.