If you are looking for a best-animated cartoon series, the anime should be your choice. Anime is a form of Japanese animated art form (comics, cartoons). Following is the list of best anime series that anyone must watch once in their lifetime.

Top 10 Best Anime Series Of All Time That You Must See

Lets dive straight into the list of best animated series without wasting any time.

1) Naruto

Naruto Best Anime Series Of All Time

Naruto anime series is the best anime series of all time. The story revolves around a boy and the monster living inside him. Long ago, a powerful fox, namely Nine-Tails, attacked villages of shinobi countries. The leader of the village gave a tight fight, but in the end, sacrificed his life to seal the monster inside his newborn son (naruto). The story is all about how he manages to become a ninja and how he manages a team to carry out different missions on the behalf of his very villagers.

2) Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball best anime series

Dragon ball is the best anime series in terms of comedy, action, and adventure. The story revolves around the guy named as Goku who lives in a wood. A girl is seen to be searching for a set of seven dragon balls (magical objects) which will fulfill her wish of a good boyfriend. The girl has already got six balls, and in search of the seventh ball, she came across Goku (who has the last ball with him). Goku has no desire to give that ball to her. You can expect a lot of humor and fighting among them to get the seventh dragon ball.

3) Pokemon

Pokemon contains the right mix of fun, adventure, and action. The story centers around a kid named as Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) who dreamt of becoming a Pokemon trainer. Unfortunately, there were no Pokemon left for the beginners. A single option of fiery and rebellious Pokemon Pikachu was there for him. The story centers on how Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) and Pikachu became the best one from the rest and the underlying adventure to reach the feat.

4) Death Note

Death Note best anime of all time

These anime is unique in its plot and with some vibrant theme and characters. The story is an epitome of suspense where one can kill people by just writing the name in a special notebook. The story revolves around a high school student Light Yagami who one day, stumbles around the death note (special notebook) which has been thrown into the earth by the god of death. Upon realizing the power of that notebook, he decides to clear the world from criminals. It is fascinating to see how the police will solve these killings and know the traces of death note.

5) One Piece

one piece is the best anime ever to be made

One Piece is a very entertaining and exciting anime in terms of adventure, thrill, and action. It tells about a pirate king who reveals about the presence of a one-piece (a treasure) that will provide enough riches, but he fails to give the location of the richness and dies. A teenage guy named as Luffy makes his crew to find the hidden treasure (one -piece). The story revolves around how he battles with fierce enemies and adventure experiences to get the grand treasure.

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6) Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan best anime series

If you are looking for best anime series with action-packed fight scenes along with drama, then you must watch Attack on titan. It revolves around the battle of humans with terrifying demons. It is a tragedy based series where humans fight till their last breath to obstruct the demons to invade them. To evade from the demons, humans were hiding behind a thick wall for years. One day, a demon breaches the wall, and thus, the survival of human species was at risk. The story revolves around a guy Eren Yeager and his allies and how they fight till their last breath to beat the demon.

7) Detective Conan

Detective Conan animated series

If you are looking for an unpredictable thrill and mystery, then you should watch Detective Conan. The story revolves around a teenage guy (Shinichi Kudou) (pen name- Conan) who has a fantastic talent to solve the most thrilling and challenging cases. The saga revolves around the encounter of a specific case where Conan notices two suspicious men at the amusement park. They saw Conan and gave him a drug. He somehow survives, but his brain got shrunken into the size of a seven-year-old boy. The story is all about how Conan figure out the identity of those two guys.

8) Sword Art Online

If you are looking for some real adventure, then you must watch Sword Art Online. The story revolves around a teenage guy named Kirito who gets trapped in a futuristic online game called Sword Art Online. He starts to enjoy the game at first, but after completing some levels, he realizes that it is necessary to complete the game to quit. Moreover, if the players die in the game, they die in reality. It became a dangerous ordeal, and the story revolves how kirito and his allies survive each level and complete the game to reach the real world.

9) Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon best anime series

If you are looking for a combination of comedy, romance and drama genres in anime, then you must watch Sailor Moon, which is quite apt with your choice. Sailor Moon is all about a story of a teenage girl whose loses all happiness, beautiful memories in life after she learns about the prophecy. It tells that she must be a planetary guardian or guardian of the earth planet. The saga revolves around how she becomes a sailor moon and how she arranges other allies to defend the earth from foreign intruders.

10) Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist best anime series on netflix.

If you are looking for an anime having strong characters, then give Fullmetal Alchemist a shot!. The saga of Fullmetal Alchemist revolves around two brothers who were searching to bring their mother back to life. To fulfill the quest, one brother sacrificed his arm, and another one gave his entire body (and made the soul to bond with a suit of armor). On later stages, they came across a philosopher’s stone, which can make things easy for them. So the next phase of the saga revolves around the obstructions, fierce battles that the brothers face to obtain the stone and to fulfill the quest.

Conclusion about Best Anime Series

These are the most popular anime of all time. If you are new to this, then you should not miss watching any movie from the above list. Lest us know in the comment below which is your favourite animated series of all time.