The marvel universe is sprawling with powerful heroes and villains from Thor to iron man to Deadpool to Captain America! The marvel fandom has grown bigger thanks to the Avengers movies that concluded with Endgame. Keep reading to find out the most powerful Marvel character of all time.

Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters

list of Most Powerful Marvel Characters

Let’s dive straight into the topic and find out the most powerful Marvel character.

1) One-above-all

One Above All is The Most Powerful Character in Marvel

If you thought Thor was the strongest of all the Marvel characters, well you are wrong. Although he is the strongest avenger, his powers are nothing compared to the one-above-all. The one-above-all is the most mysterious characters in the marvel universe. He is credited with creating the Marvel Multiverse and hence is considered to be beyond cosmic powers. Many consider the character to be a representation of the actual creators of the Marvel universe. Not much is known about the character except that he first appeared in doctor strange 13. He is ever-present. You may have to wait a while to know more about the character until Marvel decides to reveal more.

2) Beyonder

This marvel character is nearly as omnipotent as the one-above-all. He has unimaginable power. All the powerful beings in the marvel comics be it the supreme cosmic beings or even the celestial beings all bow down to him. You can imagine how powerful he is when the Living Tribunal himself bows down to him. He is not an earthly being. He was forced to come to earth in order to put an end to Intel, the supervillain. He was first introduced to the comic readers in the comic Secret Wars 1. Like doctor strange, Beyonder can also manipulate reality.

3) The Living Tribunal

If there is one character that Thanos is afraid of, it is The Living Tribunal, the humanoid. Thanos is nothing in front of the Living Tribunal even when has the infinity gauntlet. The Living Tribunal can easily beat the living bejeezus out of Thanos. The humanoid is so powerful that he can erase any reality from existence. The character is given the role of a guardian, who is to keep the multiverse from crashing. The character is the brainchild of Marie Severin, Stan Lee, and Herb Trimpe. But even with his unlimited power, he does not stand a chance against Beyonder, although he can put up a pretty good fight.

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4) Eternity

This marvel character is said to represent all the timelines and realities in the Marvel Multiverse. When it comes to authority and power, the character is second to the Living Tribunal. In a way, he is also the guardian of the Multiverse and can bend time, space, and reality as and when he pleases. In the Marvel universe is, he is considered to be more powerful than Galactus. He shares a sibling relationship with Oblivion and Death and is a twin to Infinity. He was introduced to the readers in the comics Strange Tales 138.

5) Phoenix Force

One of the oldest cosmic beings and also the most powerful. As it is considered that from the burning ashes of a phoenix, a new phoenix is born, the marvel character is representative of the next life. Phoenix Force is powerful beyond measure, having defeated Galactus. The Marvel character is immortal and cannot be destroyed. The character is so powerful that it can absorb the power of an entire planet and even a star as big as the sun, without destroying itself. Phoenix Force usually relies on hosts to work. In the comic books, the character often takes Jean Grey, Professor X, Rachel Grey, and Emma Frost as hosts.

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6) Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards Most Powerful Marvel Characters

He is considered one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel comicverse. He inherited abilities and some incredible power from his parents Reed Richards and Susan Richards. His parents were known as Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. He has the ability to manipulate time, molecules, and energy. Not only that, but the boy also has the power to warp reality. Because of his powers, Marvel fans compare him to that of powerful celestial beings. He was introduced in Fantastic Four Annual 6.

7) Cyttorak

One of the most powerful magical Marvel characters. He is both a god and a demon. One of the most powerful avengers Doctor Strange has a sort of connection to Cyttorak. The magic entity has enormous speed and strength. He is also highly agile. The character was introduced first as a god who was worshipped on earth but then was banished from Earth and assumed the identity of a demon in the crimson cosmos, where he is omnipotent. His single most powerful weapon, crimson gem, lies in the crimson cosmos. He is also considered to be a source of all kinds of magic.

8) Galactus

This is Marvel Character is otherwise also known as the devourer of worlds. Like you eat cereals for breakfast, Galactus eats planets to satiate his hunger. You can imagine the reach of his cosmic powers simply by the fact that he eats planets and absorbs all their energies. The character has often been said to have god-like abilities. He has vast cosmic knowledge along with cosmic powers. Apart from possessing power and knowledge, he also has the ability to take up different forms and appearances. That is, he can appear as a human or a humanoid depending on the person who is looking looking for him.

9) Mikaboshi

Mikaboshi, otherwise known as Chaos King, is a Japanese evil god. His physical strength may not be at par with other gods of the Multiverse, but when it comes to offense, he can cause incredible damage with his magical abilities. When it comes to magical powers, he is stronger than Odin. He can shape-shift, warp realities, has healing powers, is immortal, and can detail the dead bodies of human beings!

10) Adam Warlock

A superhuman who has incredible strength, energy and can also project power. He can produce wormholes. He is not affected by Time Gem and can also resist reality-bending.

Ones new to the marvel fandom are increasingly curious about other characters that have not yet made it to the Marvel cinematic universe but are pretty powerful in the comic universe.