Extremely Easy Ways To Die : You can’t appreciate light if there is no darkness; it is a famous saying that means that there has to be something negative that you have to experience to appreciate the positives in life. When this happens, it puts things in perspective and you can value certain positive aspects more.

Some of us have faced near to death situations like almost getting hit by a car or falling over, it might have made you thank god and appreciate your life even more. They say that your life flashes before you in the moments of death. Such is just a saying. But it is interesting to wonder how much affect death has on life.

To 10 Extremely Easy Ways To Die

Experiencing near death instances is somehow a way of gaining gratitude towards your life and surrounding. The human body is not invincible. It is very easy for us to harm ourselves or even die if we aren’t careful with our surroundings or with ourselves. It is always thankful to god when we wake up for a brand-new day. We all know that we will die someday but we also know that we won’t die today. Here is a list of ten extremely easy ways to die that will make you appreciate life:

1) Bathroom Mishaps

Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places due to the sheer amount of accidents that could occur in it. There is a probability of slipping, drowning etc. Due to the water and the wet floors it is very slippery and the tiles make it easy to slip on the surface. It is a very hard surface. Most old age people get hurt due to falling in bathrooms. Hence one must be extremely careful in a bathroom as accidents could easily occur.

2) Allergy

People are allergic to a range of things. For some of us its pollen that makes us sneeze when we step out. There are people who are even allergic to the sun and to water. Allergies come in varying intensities and people could die just from eating an almond or shellfish. Sometimes restaurants might add something in the food which you are allergic to without you even knowing which could prove to be very dangerous. To be safe you should always carry an epi pen with you especially when you go out.

3) Road

Roads are a dangerous place to be in. Car accidents are really common and can be caused due to so many things. Car accidents could occur to anyone. Even if you make sure you are being careful that doesn’t mean you are safe because anything could happen and you could die due to the negligence of somebody else from a different car!. Traffic rules are thus very important as it could save lives. Traffic related deaths are one of the leading causes of death. We all have a family member who has lost their lives due to a road accident.

4) Teeth Ache

Ignoring your dental hygiene could be detrimental. It is very easy to get infections due to tooth problems because it is near your blood stream and contaminants can easily travel inside your body. Not taking care of your teeth can make it easy to cause infections and it can even affect your nervous system.

5) Taking Selfies

Tourists deaths due to selfies are not uncommon. When taken near a cliff and not paying attention a moment to smile can turn grim very fast. There have been many cases where tourists have taken selfies near or next to a cliff or a water body and not paid attention leading to their deaths.

6) Drug Overdose

Drug overdose doesn’t only occur for opioids. It can happen both intentionally and unintentionally. It can also occur for pharmaceutical drugs. There is a thin line between an overdose and a safe amount. You must always take and follow the prescription of the doctor and not take matters into your own hands. You must also always keep track of the number of tablets you are ingesting every day.

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7) Too Much Water

Drinking Too Much Water is one of the Easy Ways To Die

They say you must drink a lot of water to stay healthy. Surprisingly even drinking too much water can kill you. This can lead to poisoning. You will have to drink a large amount of water for that but it is still possible. Too much of something good can also be dangerous. You must always be careful and measure your water intake.

8) Falling Off Ladders

Falling Off Ladders is the most easy ways to die

Falls off a ladder are a leading cause of death. It is easy to slip or miss a step on the ladder and fall. Many people suffer serious injuries due to falls off the ladder. Ladders are used for household chores to industrial work. No matter what the setting, a fall from a ladder is deadly especially when you are falling off a height.You should always have someone with you while you are using a ladder so that you can get some support.

9) Choking

It is very easy to die from choking especially if you are alone. Not knowing what to do can decide between life and death. Choking from food is very easy these days. Choking can block your wind pipes and make you asphyxiate.

10) No Helmet

Not wearing helmet is the most easy ways to die. A large portion of cycle and motorbike deaths have resulted due to no helmets. Hence it is always important to put safety first. It can help you in a number of ways and can be the thing that can possibly save your life.

Wrap up on Extremely Easy Ways To Die

You can never know which day could be your last. This article talks about the extremely easy ways you can die or rather “dumb ways to die” which puts a perspective on life and makes you value it even more than you already do. The purpose of this article is not to put emphasis on death but rather the opposite, to put emphasis on life. It is very easy for accidents to occur. Take care of your surroundings to be safe.