5 Tips for Student Traveling Abroad


Whether it’s because they decided to take a semester abroad or they travel during vacation time, one thing is for sure: most students travel! With flights getting more affordable and Airbnb rentals being available around the world, nothing prevents an adventurer from exploring.

Wait; what about the studies? Shouldn’t you focus on your education as a major priority? You’re investing so much money in college and you don’t want to fail.

Don’t be so serious! There’s time for everything. Start exploring the top destinations for students and choose your first one. We’ll give you a few tips on how to plan and take the most memorable trip, ever.

5 Tips for Student Travel

Tips for Student Traveling

1) Don’t Take a Book!

What’s the universal tip among all travel guides? “Pack a book or your Kindle,” they say. Here’s what we say: don’t! You have plenty of time to read during weekends when you’re not on the most amazing trip of your lifetime.

When traveling, you should focus on exploring as much as possible. Even when you’re on the plane or waiting at the airport, there are fun things to do. You can browse the net to make a plan about your destination. You can chat with your friends to share impressions. Why would you read a book unless you really wanted to?

2) Take Care of School Stuff, so You Won’t Think about It

You have to complete a term paper and you feel it’s burdening you? The last thing you want is to go on that trip and worry about the project. . You can get student assignment help before you go, so a professional writer will take care of the paper while you’re having fun.

Take care of all homework and team projects before you leave. You’ll work hard to achieve these goals, but your peace of mind is worth the effort.

3) Get the Largest Backpack You Can Find

What kind of adventurer are you without a huge backpack? It should fit some extra clothes, shoes, bikini, at least two bottles of water, snacks, phone charges, spare batteries, and a map (in case all tech fails you).

Prepare your backpack, get out and explore! See as much as possible and don’t get back to your room until it’s time for sleep.

Don’t forget to get the best under seat luggage so that all your things are safe while you are travelling.

4) You Want to Extend Your Vacation? Work!

Do you have a skill that could earn you money through freelancing? Graphic design, programming, copywriting, photography… you can try anything.

Successful freelancing takes some preparation; you can’t start doing it on a whim when you run out of money. So it’s wise to join a freelancing platform and see how it works before you start the trip. If you can complete a project or two, the experience will help you land a gig when you really need it.

5) Take Photos!

students travelling abroad

It’s your chance to make your Instagram profile shine.

Of course you’ll enjoy the actual experience. Taking photos doesn’t take away from it. In fact, the gallery will help you remember all those special moments for your entire life.

Set Yourself Free!

Tips for Student Traveling Abroad

Students should stop complaining about the workload they get at college. They should realize that they have a huge advantage: they are old enough to be independent, and they are young enough to enjoy this freedom. No full-time jobs and family responsibilities are holding them back.

Take advantage of this position. You’re not at school for 365 days of the year. Plan your time and you’ll see that you have space to fit a trip in your schedule.


Bobbi Sanchez has seen 17 countries so far, and he keeps counting. Islands are his favorite thing to explore! Bobbi’s job as a freelance writer lets him explore the world without limitations. He wants to inspire young people to travel more, and he tries to do that through his blog posts.

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