Be it Cricket or any other issue between India Pakistan, Meme have always played a big role from both the sides. As soon as some news come up, Memes start floating all around social media. Everyone knows that Pakistan has not won a single match against India in World Cup and not the count is 7-0. Indians started making crazy memes on Pakistan after India once again won the match. Lets check them all out.

1) The famous Mauka Mauka ad always makes noise when it is India V/S pakistan.

india pakistan meme

2) Phatake toh India mai hii foot rahe hai pichle 7 baari se.

best india pakistan meme

3) This one is very special – Who doesn’t want to see Pakistan loose again so that we can play Mauka Mauka all over gain. haha

pakistan meme

4) Every one is busy watching the match, Pakistan loosing is important than a Friend getting married. lol

pakistan meme

5) Phakatke toh footenge aab haha

pakistan india meme

6) India won in 2019 also, 1992 to 2019 India pakistan mauka mauka continues

1992 to 2019 india pakistan mauka mauka continues

7)  Jaab Sarfaraz Khan ne dhoka dia

sarfaraz khan meme

8) India Pakistan match is more important that studies

india pakistan match is more important

9)  When Pakistani’s speak english

when pakistanis speak english

10) When Shoaib Malik got out on 0 against India, Pakistanis believe he is favouring his wife’s country.

Shoaib Malik meme

If you have more meme then you can send it to us and we’ll publish them for you.