Forums and blogs are among the most useful resources where you can find valuable information about certifications and exams. If you want to achieve any of the industry-leading Cisco credential, you should be able to get every piece of information you need. Thus, blogs and forums are your best friends! Be sure to join those that are relevant and constantly updated so you can participate actively in the discussions.


There are, of course, the Cisco certification courses, which cover every detail of Cisco certifications and tests. These courses are offered by reputed websites like Exam-Labs. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not consider other sources of information to prepare for your certification tests. Forums and blogs about Cisco credentials will help you find first-hand information about exams, preparation tips, and industry intricacies. So, even if you take a Cisco training course, you should also join a few forums to get more knowledge and learn from the experiences of other students.

Top blogs and forums

As expected, there are many blogs and forums available on the Internet. While some of them are really great, there is no way you can make use of them all. Not all blogs and forums are equally useful. We at Exam-Labs have made extra efforts to put together the top of the best blogs and forums about Cisco certifications which currently attract the maximum number of participants and viewers. Let’s check them out!

1) Cisco Blog: Perspectives

Why should you pursue the Cisco certifications? Is it because of the prestige and high salaries? Or is it because the certificates come with something more than just money? What is the actual monetary value of your certification plans? How can you sync your full-time or part-time job with your Cisco certification preparation? These are some of the questions that are raised in the Cisco Blog. This blog discusses the ideas regarding the value of each Cisco credential versus the efforts and time put in for achieving the same. This blog will help you make an informed decision pertaining to whether you should pursue a particular certification or not.

2) net IT Certification Forums

If you are looking for the best forum about all Cisco certifications and other IT credentials, then look no further than It is home for a helpful and active community with forums for all Cisco certifications and tests including CCIE, CCENT, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, and CCAr. Here you will find last news about Cisco updates, exam tips, and many more.

3) The Cisco Learning Network

Joining the Cisco Learning Network forum is an excellent way to jumpstart your Cisco certification journey and achieve your career goals. It is one of the most recommended forums that you should join if you want to participate in active and useful discussions about Cisco credentials, exams, and technologies. When you join the Cisco Learning Network, you will get access to a knowledge base created by the seasoned Cisco professionals who are interested in teaching you everything they know.


Many people prefer because it is always active.The members here discuss topics and issues and provide valuable and highly beneficial information to the members. In addition, this forum is also popular because it has a good team of moderators who do not allow spam and off-topic posts. All the members are real and serious. Simply put, is a great community where people are always ready to help.

5) The Student Room

With at least 60 support team members monitoring discussions, the Student Room is a great Cisco certification forum and a safe, useful, and fun place to hang out. The discussions at this forum focus mainly on CCNA and CCNP credentials. Members will recommend you the best sites and resources for Cisco exam preparation. When you join the forum, you will meet your peers and seasoned Cisco certified professionals who are ready to provide answers to all your questions.

Cisco certification courses

If you want to gain more knowledge and skills about the IT networking and to progress in your career, pursuing the Cisco credentials would be the best thing to do. The Cisco certifications are designed to equip you with specific, advanced skills and knowledge. So, when you start preparing for any certificate, you gain the skills that will allow you to become more efficient at work and perform more complex tasks.

For you to acquire any Cisco credential, you will have to take and clear specific Cisco certification test(s). These exams are not easy. So, without proper preparation, you will definitely fail. The best way to prepare for any Cisco certification test and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills is to take a course.

There are many sites that offer Cisco certification courses. Exam-Labs is one of the best places to go for reliable preparation materials. The courses offered bythis platform are affordable and comprehensive. Besides, you can study wherever and whenever you have access to the Internet. Exam-Labs also offers several study materials such as exam dumps.


Yes, there are many other forums and blogs out there on the Internet that can help you prepare for your Cisco certification tests. However, the ones we have mentioned here are some of the most trusted and useful ones. Visit these web resources and check out the Exam-Labs website and study for your Cisco exams in a fun and informative manner!