The most difficult task in life is to stay fit once you are in your 30s and especially if you love to eat a lot of sweets and junk food like pizza and burgers if you are a lady then losing post-baby weight is the most difficult task ever. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to rip off that extra belly fat that you have put on but Carolyn Hartz has a different story, She is 70 years old grandmother but still looks like she is in her mid-20s. Yes, you read it right, She is a mother of 3 kids and grandmother of 4 but still looks younger than most of us.

If you don’t believe us then read the age-defying secrets she has shared. Also, you can check out her photos below which will prove that fitness is the most important part of every human’s life.

Carolyn Hartz gives full credit for looking younger and fit to her full sugar-free diet, She left eating sugar 28 years ago, Omg that is a long time and most of us cannot stay without sugar for sure, It is not easy what Carolyn has done because she was very fond of sugar and loved eating sweets. In order to move on from sugar, she started having alternatives to sugar, She started using Xylitol.

Hartz has also published a book named ‘Sugar-free Baking Cookbook’. She has shared all the recipes to cook tasty food without sugar. The book is exclusive for people who want to get in shape but are also fond of eating sugar, So this book will help them balance both. Hartz says she wants to inspire people to take up fitness and lead a healthy life. She further said that her aging secrets are none other than sugar-free foods that she has been having for the past 28 years.

Inspired enough? When are you hitting the gym and going on sugar-free diet?