Do you want to know about Facebook Alternatives? With the internet penetrating in all corners, more and more people are joining various social media, to share their thoughts and feelings along with the snaps and videos. Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms enjoyed by millions. However, some other platforms are eating up the share of Facebook and are becoming the best Facebook alternatives. The monopoly of Facebook is gradually decreasing, and these sites are working wonders gaining popularity as well as maintaining your privacy. It is the breach of privacy on Facebook that many subscribers have deleted their account and have joined some of the best Facebook alternatives to be active in the social circles and with friends and families.

10 Best Facebook Alternatives for Different Social Media Types

10 Best Facebook Alternatives

With many alternatives cropping up on the internet, one has got many options to be socially active. However, not all are good and let us discuss the top 10 popular and best alternative.

1) Vero

This should always come to the top of the chart, and it is based on subscription. One does not get to see any advertisements and the site do not collect any personal data unlike many other sites as the usage data is reckoned to earn revenues to many. However, this is only an application based platform. It is one of the best Facebook alternatives as millions love it for sharing anything they want yet can have control over what they are sharing. It works on android as well as ios platforms.

2) Mastodon

It is another one of the best Facebook alternatives and has eaten up the subscriber base of not only Facebook but also other social media platforms. It has a different privacy policy along with the rules for character lengths that can be posted, but the” instance” feature of the site is unique making it stand above many other alternatives. The interface of the site is divided into four columns, and one can start it to share the instance. It can be used on computers as well as mobile phones.

3) Ello

This was introduced in the USA some years ago and had gradually gained popularity and strengthened its foothold to be an alternative to Facebook. Recently it is gaining much popularity worldwide due to some policies of Facebook and many topnotch creative people with great fan following has shifted to it from other platforms. It is entirely ad free and a niche website giving a clean experience.

4) Digg

This is another best Facebook alternative where one can get all the latest news and information at real-time surfing the site. It has a vast library where the news feeds are stored, and one can search through it to get the records. One can get many vital videos and stories while going through the website and one does not require opening an account to use it. The site can be accessed through mobile applications, computers as well as daily newsletters.

5) Steemit

This is an open source alternative to many websites and can be considered as one of the best Facebook alternatives. One can post anything, and upon the upvotes, Steem crypto tokens are given. Some believe this as a better website than Facebook and not an alternative. They have nearly 10 million hits per month, and the growth is organic, As the users are compensated for the time they are spending on the website, it is a massive hit amongst the social mongers. Even if you do not post anything, you can get involved in the conversations. It is available only through computers.

6) Raftr

Some of the top honchos of the social network platforms have built this site, and it is considered as one of the most civilized platforms to connect with people. Unlike Facebook, it relates to peoples having similar interests. One can get their old college pals after signing in, and it is delightful to connect with them after long years of separation. Though the website collects information to build the data, they do not share them with any third party. It is a great platform and comes in the list of the best Facebook alternatives without any doubt. The platform can be accessed from a computer of any smartphone.

7) Diaspora

This non-profit social network site is based on the free Diaspora software that acts like a personal web server forming node to have the decentralized nature. The website is free of advertisements and interference of the corporate as nobody owns the site. The personal data is not shared, and it is one of the best alternatives of Facebook as an account can be opened by keeping the secrecy of your original identity.

8) Instagram

If you are looking to share photos and love to update your status then Instagram is your cup of tea. It is effortless to use and is becoming one of the arch rivals of Facebook. There are nearly 700 million users, and almost 175 million subscriber hits the platform daily. It has made into the list of the best Facebook alternatives without any hesitation. One can upload thousands of snaps within a brief time on this platform along with videos. The privacy setting can be customized in this media.

9) Flickr

Day by day this network is gaining popularity and is being talked about. Many are opening an account in this website to share photos, and videos and an album can be made to showcase the photographic talent. One can upload up to 1000 GB still photos free of charge.

10) Snapchat

This is one of the best mobile based applications that allow instant messaging as well as uploading videos. The photos and videos are not permanently stored but get deleted after specific seconds keeping the privacy option strong without any trace. It is giving Facebook a tough fight.

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With the availability of many alternatives of Facebook, many are shifting their account and socializing with their dear and near ones or with the people of their interest. The best Facebook alternatives are gaining popularity day by day, and Facebook is feeling the heat.