There’s not much that you can’t do with your phone these days. And companies know it! It’s not always better to use your computer instead of your phone when using certain apps that are available on desktop and mobile.

While there’s the obvious things, like apps that have better features/layouts than their browser versions, because they were designed mobile-first (like Shazam), there are still others that have benefits on mobile just because.

For instance… think that you’re better off searching for deals and cool add-ons via your computer instead of on your phone? Think again. Oftentimes, companies would love to get you hooked on their mobile apps instead of going to the laptop browser. Why? Because they have far more control of you, the user, in the app, than they do on a website, where you can click away in an instant.

But hey, we all love a good deal or mobile-only feature, so why not use it to your advantage? Here we’ve rounded up some of the top apps that give you those extra goodies over using your computer.

1) Discounts on the AliExpress app

One of those “we sell everything!” shops online is AliExpress. They have it all, from clothing, to home improvement tools, to electronics, sports goods, car accessories, home and garden products, etc. It’s similar to Amazon in range, and is an offshoot of the Alibaba brand, an online goods wholesaler. Most of the products come from China with very cheap prices, so it’s something to keep in mind when you are wondering about quality. The mobile AliExpress app runs plenty of mobile-only deals, so it’s worth downloading the app if you’re a fan of Amazon or Ebay and looking for a new alternative with great prices.

2) Spotify’s new sleep function for Android

Spotify has somehow managed to come out on top in the music streaming platform wars, after many competitors such as Pandora and Grooveshark have fallen along the way. The app now reigns as many people’s music mainstay and comes on mobile and desktop.

One of the newest features to come to the Spotify app, at least for Android at this point, is the sleep timer. As sleep apps with inbuilt timers rise in popularity (and Spotify has accommodated by adding sleep sounds and playlists), they’ve realised this is a function people are crying out for. So pop in your ear buds, lie back, set your sleep soundtrack and timer and away you go.

On iOS you can do this already through the system clock and timer.

3) Agoda does percentage off deals on mobile

Do you travel often for business or pleasure? Agoda is one of the world’s biggest accommodation booking aggregators, offering hotels and similar properties for short or long stays across the world. Search for hostels through to five star resorts using their easy interface. While their website is well-designed, their app may even be better. Search easily in the location of your choosing with the dates you need and the number of guests, click through and book easy. There are plenty of options including free cancellation with many bookings – check out the filters to have a look. Agoda are always running promotions and their app consistently gives lower prices than their website, known as a ‘mobile discount’.

4) An all-round better betting experience on mobile with the Bet365 app

If you’re a bit of a punter, then you will be familiar with the name Bet365. Bet365 is synonymous with gambling across a wide range of sports including football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, and rugby. Mobile betting really took the gambling scene by storm, when there was a way for companies to do so within the legalities of the betting system. And since people love going to the game or the pub to watch a game or a race, it makes sense that Bet365 have been pouring their efforts into their mobile app instead of their browser version of the platform.

5. Or for more gameplay, FairGo casino is ideal for Aussies

If you’re an Australian, you might have found it a bit tricky to find an app to get your pokies to fix. That’s where FairGo casino comes in. The beauty of the app is that it gives you notifications when there are bonuses to be had, rather than remembering to check back on your browser. Reviews suggest that FairGo is best for Australian mobile users.

And there you have it! These are just four of the best upgrades that you can get on mobile apps vs through the browser. It often pays to download or update an app either because it’ll give you a better experience, or you’ll get an exclusive edge over what you’d experience in the browser. It’s not always the case, but it’s worth a shot, particularly if you’re looking to make a purchase with a large goods or services supplier (or aggregator), or simply looking to do a task that seems more mobile-friendly.