From the initial phase of the COVID19 outbreak, Mumbai is the hotspot in our country. One by one each and every region of Mumbai is getting affected with the impact of Corona. Although BMC is laying its entire efforts to combat the spread, it is still felling shorter.

The first outbreak of corona cases was in the slum areas. However, with the proper planning, BMC was successful in combating the spread of the pandemic in the slum areas. But, there is a continuous increase in the number of cases in other regions of the city also.

Which regions of Mumbai are seeing high growth in COVID19 Cases?

As per the recent reports Mulund, Bhandup, Powai, Nahur, Kanjurmarg, And Vikhroli are the areas where maximum growth of cases is there. According to BMC’s data, On 27th May, the total number of cases in these regions was 1,278. But, since Unlock – 1 and ‘Mission Begin Again’ came into the picture, there is a huge spike in the number of cases.

While considering the BMC’s data on 24th June, the total number of cases in:

  • Ward – S is  3857, out of which 2005 are active cases.
  • Mulund, that comes under Ward – T is  2064, out of which 1106 are active cases. On 27th May, Mulund had a total of 626 cases.

The growth rate in Ward – S 2.8 times per month. In this ward, cases are getting double in just 25 days. Whereas, Mulund has the highest growth rate with 3.6 times per month. Here, the cases are getting double in just 20 days. The average COVID19 case growth rate of the entire Mumbai is 1.72 times per month.

BMC is doing everything to combat the spread of the pandemic. Including surveying of houses, declaring red and containment zones, continuous screening and testing of patients etc.

If people would follow the rules properly, we might get less number of cases. Hope they get it!